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IPv6Freely's Never-Ending Season


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1 hour ago, coopaloop1234 said:

What was the refs reasoning? lol

He never said because I was too busy screaming at him. The only way it could possibly count is if he didn't think the puck had come to a stop. Honestly in the video it looks like he's right, but I was sure it had at the time. Whatever, it doesn't matter in the end. That team finishes the season 0-18-1-0 (W-L-OTW-OTL). This was a meaningless game between two teams that didn't make the finals. 

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First time on the ice in two months, and only the second time since I quit my league team. This was... bad. I was slow, and exhausted, and way out of shape (the weight is coming back on quickly these days). Winterfest is going to be ugly. I also had a really really bad bruise on my right knee that made it really painful to butterfly. I can't believe how slow this is, both me and the play in general (granted its a pick-up where the average age is probably late 50s). Oh boy.

EDIT: Oh, I was also trying a Bauer 2X glove. Wasn't a fan. The break angle was the only thing close that I've found retail that I've liked, but otherwise it felt kind of off. I could probably get used to it if I had to, but I think I'm going to stick to Passau.

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