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Bungee Cord Attachment

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Just playing with some strapping on my new SLRs while I wait for the arenas to open to get them on the ice.  I have Kenesky bungee toe ties and for the past few months I was having issues with them slipping down the front of my cowling while I played.  I saw a picture of a pro who strapped them up like this (can’t remember who) and I was thinking of giving it a shot.  They feel nice and secure and while I was doing carpet flys I didn’t seem to have any issue.  I was wondering if anyone else straps them up like this and if there are any big drawbacks?


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Yeah it would never slip down and get under my blade or anything and I wouldn’t notice a change while playing but when I would be taking off my gear it would be slipped down the front so I was weary it would eventually make its way under my blade during play.  

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