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20 hours ago, Lucky Pucker said:

I explain it by saying: “yeah he tried it in Novice, but he’s smarter than his old man...”

I get a lot more knowing looks and “that’s trues” than laughs though.

Come on, you know we're a superior breed, right ;) :D 

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Hello! I'm from Orleans Ontario, originally from Montreal (Go Habs Go).   My age places me back when Roy was at his prime and made me want to play nets as a kid. My family at the time could

Hi- My name is Dumpy.  I am a early goaler. I have vintage and recent gear. I am friends with a few goalies. I am a terrible player but have tons of fun. Thank you for your time. 

I guess I didn’t help you enough, as you’re still playing goal! And worse - your kid is too now! 😋

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