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Passau Starke Ball Hockey Glove

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Part 1- Background

A bit of background: I am a career ball hockey goalie. Been playing for 20yrs now. Unfortunately never learned how to skate properly, but was always obsessed with the goalie position.

As a ball hockey goalie, I always bought my pads, and gloves used, so I’d usually be 1-2 seasons behind the latest stuff. Fortunately, used gear sells pretty cheap so I get to play in cool gear and modify it to play ball hockey.

As ball hockey got bigger and better, so did player gear and now goalie. DEK hockey is HUGE here in Quebec, and is taken pretty serious. Gear companies of course want to capitalize on this.

Pad sliders are all the rage and now we have tons of people making custom sliders on pads, such as Kenesky, Passau and little guys all over the province.

I myself was able to buy Warrior R/GT pads with sliders ( yes someone actually drilled holes in those pads)

ANYWAYS now, you can buy “Ball Hockey Sets”. Gloves and pads, even chest protectors exclusively for ball hockey.

My thinking is, unless the gear is built from scratch specifically for ball hockey, I do not see the need for this gear, honestly. There is so much used gear for sale that can be modified (there are many places that do it now), I do not see the point. But I’ve always been SO curious!

During the Pandemic I was able to clean up some stuff and sell things I no longer needed. Which gave me just enough cash to give me the courage and take the risk in doing this.

So, I went ahead and bought the Passau Starke Ball Hockey Glove.

Next: Ordering!

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Hi, i'm from Quebec too,

All our clients are really happy with their dek hockey set and saw a big difference between their modified ice hockey equipment and the Passau dek hockey. The C/A is the piece who made the biggest difference with the glove. 

You really need to try to understand. 

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Part 2- Ordering

Ordering was super painless. I spoke to Miguel (whom I know well enough as he has sold me his Warrior gear). Fast response and great service. I ordered like the first day of June. I was quoted 4-6 weeks until delivery.

Like clockwork, I got an email stating my glove was shipped on July 9th! So as a customer ordering a custom goalie product for the first time, it was really appreciated how efficient they were.

I received the glove the following week:


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Part3- Unbagging:

I am coming from a Warrior GT SR Glove, and I actually really like it. I’ve always been a Reebok guy . I would take the gloves and relace them etc. Pop ups for me were never a real concern, and never felt a goal went in because I was using an Ice Hockey glove even if it was made to catch pucks. The reason I ordered this glove is that apparently the glove has the “legal” specs of National and International Ball Hockey Associations. (CBHA, ISBHF WBHF). Which allows a larger catch surface than a normal glove (I am getting old so I’ll take any advantage I can get), and a deep pocket to keep the ball in there. It is also lighter (760g VS 888g), which I personally do not feel.

More details:

Pre-molded by hand

V shaped deeper T-Trap

T-Trap made with high resistance net

Well ventilated hand

Clarino micro fiber palm

Wrist and hand straps

Synthetic leather 1.4mm

Built-in UHMW plastic gliding plates

60 degree glove

Made in Canada

So out of the bag it went!

Please note these are all initial reactions - opinions, not to be condescending, I will not bash or put anything down. Just my little insignificant opinion.

And well… it’s a glove LOL.

It’s basically an ice hockey glove with a few mods, just like what I had suspected. It seemed well made, but no better than my Warrior glove. This is if course without trying it in a game so it may be amazing ...

Now as I was looking at it, I felt as though something was missing…

Ahhh yes, they forgot to put on the UHMW plates on the glove. So I emailed Passau, I got a response within minutes, very apologetic. They sent me a FEDEX waybill, and the next day I dropped it off at my local FEDEX depot and off it went…

While it was frustrating, service was quick to fix, so super kudos to Passau for that.

Sh*t happens



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Part4- Unbagging Part deux

The glove finally returned to earlier last week, so again a very quick and efficient customer service experience!!

I of course am giving my critique based on initial feeling and opinions, and not having a game with the glove yet

I did have a game last Saturday though.

Back to the glove…

One thing to keep in mind is that retail price for this is 420$ CDN. I personally would never have paid that straight out of pocket. Again, in my humble opinion, I think buying a used but good shape PRO glove for half (even often less) that cost, and then do mods to your specs is the better way to go.

Again, not putting down anyone or saying it’s a rip off, just an opinion. I know these are made by hand etc.

The glove is pretty stiff, and needs a lot of breaking in. Stiffer than a new Warrior and New Reebok Pro Retroflex (2 most recent new gloves I’ve broken in)

The glove is not naturally round, but closes like a normal glove, I am sure a puck would catch fairly well in there

The basket netting is a type of mesh, unsure if it is like Kenesky who use Lacrosse goalie mesh.

The wrist strap is a soft material that I think may soak up a lot of sweat, I wear wristbands though, but it is something I will look into as I play

Craftsmanship looks as good as any glove you’d by retail, so I am sure it’ll be durable.

Part 5: In Game Use

So as Mentioned, I played last Saturday, while it being stiff, felt comfortable. It did not feel lighter than any previous gloves I’ve worn.

I made a few glove saves, and as advertised it went straight into the pocket and stayed there. I also noticed a few shots would hit the edge of the glove, more often than usual, is it the larger catching surface? Difficult to tell in one game, but I did have to be careful because it would make the ball go in front instead of miss the net.

One MAJOR complaint I have, and this isn’t on PASSAU per se, I am a FULL LEFTY, meaning I do everything with my left hand, I throw, I catch, and I drink out of that hand. Because of the strapping, it was impossible to quickly remove my glove to take a sip of water or dry my face off in between whistles. With my other gloves, I didn’t have to unstrap all 3 sections to take my hand out. So either I learn to drink with my right hand real fast OR I try to mod it so I can do this. The wrist strap that had me worried does soak up a lot of sweat, and it gets kinda cold and wet LOL, but I just put my wrist bands and it was all good.

So all in all, it is a decent enough glove, the mesh pocket does seem to have value to ensure less pop outs, the larger catching surface may actually help cover more net which in screen situations may be real help. It is built as well as any glove on the market out there, so I am sure it will have a long life.

I only played one game, so of course I cannot fully judge it, that wouldn’t be fair, after a few weeks I may come back and say how much I LOVE it.

But right now I do not see the justification of spending 500$ (after taxes and shipping) on a ball hockey specific glove, especially for someone at my level and age. I know they are building a semi-pro Dek Hockey league where players will be paid, so for a goalie that is that high up talent-wise and maybe sees a future (especially with an Olympic push), I would totally see why they’d want to invest in this type of equipment, Passau does great products, has amazing customer service, so as an athlete, you can trust them.

I will update this review in a few weeks.

Little note about last Saturday, Zach Fucale was my defenseman LOL

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  • 3 weeks later...

So after 5 games:

I have to admit that the glove IS am advantage over a regular ice glove. The bigger catching surface helps and the ball does go in neatly into the pocket. I made a few (lucky) glove saves while screened which I felt was helped by the glove.

I also did a few sprawling stretched out saves and the ball went right into the pocket.

The wrist strap is a major annoyance for me as a lefty. And I just don't tighten it. I may ask Passau how I can remove it without destroying the glove.

Also it's still pretty stiff and longer to break in compared to other gloves.

So overall a great Ball Hockey Glove if you play high level competition and want to take it seriously. I know the sport is exploding here and the younger goalies are so much better now, so they will take advantage of this gear.

But for an old timer like me who plays mostly recreational (competitive but not meaningful) I still think 500 is expensive for ball hockey.

Passau is great to deal with though and very good  products.

I'll update on a few months...

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On 7/22/2020 at 8:55 AM, Sebx said:

Hi, i'm from Quebec too,

All our clients are really happy with their dek hockey set and saw a big difference between their modified ice hockey equipment and the Passau dek hockey. The C/A is the piece who made the biggest difference with the glove. 

You really need to try to understand. 

You are a rep for Passau?

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