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NHL Goalie Knee Pads- What do they wear?

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I thought this would be a topic many would be interested in, since we often don’t see what pros are wearing under their socks.  Guys (like Rittich or Hart) who wear their pads exposed, we know. But what about Mike Smith? Here’s an older pic from his time with Coyotes.  Looks like the old grey Reeboks:


Here is Crow with what also looks like to be the same style.  I think he wears the CCM KP 1.9 with the plastic knee cap:


Holtby wears his exposed, but actually cuts out the plastic knee cap (anyone who has worn these knows why):


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10 hours ago, CJ Boiss said:

Like they could take a bullet.

11 hours ago, ThatCarGuy said:

I don’t know if pros wear these but they exist and look insane


Pro's did/do still wear these, yes. Reimer, Luongo, Giggy, Enroth, Hiller. Probably a few more current guys that I'm unaware of.

I have a pair of these KOHO 589 Pro Swiss knee guards. They are amazing. I have an open knee cradle set, so the bulk works for me in my CCM pads. I've been wearing them for about 2 years now. Love them!


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