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CCM Eflex3 glove set

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Very short innovation story for today. I've been around for the finger protection attaching to the palm. Warrior style is the simple way which I used with the Bauer.


But that setup is a bit awkward looking as I didn't get to build white covers for the Warrior grey velcros. And neither was I going to do those now. So something else is needed. The palm has those velcros ready and not very easily modified. They are also sort of upside down for behind the finger protection install. Unless...


The index finger protector had that Speedskin slice for some reason. It is about the right height and wide enough so two cuts and the Warrior velcro is through. Still upside down to what would be easy. So I had to add a bit longer velcro strip from under the binding. The other end is under the cut but sewd only under the binding.


Next is to add similar jenpro slice to the second part of the finger protector and then the velcro. That should handle the stress of occasional protector pulling outward. And is nice and clean looking too. How it will work IRL is something to be seen later.

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To mess things a bit it's time to continue with the catcher as the blocker is drying. 

I finally gathered the missing nylon and clips and now have all needed to build the glove.

So what was that sooo innovative thing to the cuff? Nothing fancy sorry but just something that I wanted to do to see if it'll save the plastic from cracking.

In the picture coarse nylon is only to keep the wrist area together ie. going through plastic and styrofoam but not around the wrist anymore. It just is there.

Nylon with loop on the right side is going through plastic also but end to the left side and is adjustable to give slack to wrist movement if needed. I really don't know if this is going to give anything at all, but isn't it a part of the modding to try things? And if this really gives some benefit the better.

Wrist strap will only be around the wrist, left side on the picture is sewd to body of the glove (factory) and right side is through that loop. Cuff is not there yet, it'll be attached to those two holes marked 'RR' and the wrist strap partly on thumb side and also to the thumb cover.


Then I started the lacing job, first that awful thumb looping. The middle one is so stiff to get through as there is 3mm holes except for the plastic and two 3mm laces to go. Mig welding wire is a good use here 'U' loop to where the end of the lace can be stuffed between and using that the lace finally is through.

The longer palm lace is pretty easy with only on the heel side of palm is a bit complicated. But some markings done while dismantling and good pictures help a lot at this point.


Here's an alternative setup for the T and pocket. There's only one hole shifted and the difference is quite very much noticeable. I'm not going to largen the pocket any extra but this shape modification I'll probably do. It'll give a nice opening and lessen the lip from turning inwards.

Notice, there isn't any perimeter lacing yet so the glove shape is to change a little. And the T will settle different by then too so it might turn things around then. We'll see.


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Then the perimeter lacing, everything went smooth with good markings from dismantling. Only the T gave some trouble, at first setup it looked very good except that there not much if any change on the T. And I was sure that a one hole shift would make a difference.

Open up and oh well I didn't do that shift at all. 🤪 Then tried for that but the closure was destroyed. Open up was nice looking but when closed the lip was grooved and like two different parts in one with no align at all.

Then back to the original setup and still had some closure problem. Now the plastics inside the seemed to make a problem being too long. Shortened the thumb end and got it better but looking more like the 580 T closure. (Yeah, that T closure really has nothing to do with glove break, adjusting the T attachment every glove can be made to '90 degree')

Then open up again, was it 5th time, and pull both of the T plastics out from the thumb side was a bit of pain to get the other one shortned too. There's downside to make that perimeter with one single lace, if you have to adjust the T there's a lot of more lace to get off than lacing thumb and finger sides with separate lace.

Opening the glove is a breeze, very easy to open wide, so wide actually that the T still want's to bend inwards but that's something not very easy to fix without rebuilding the T and punch all the new holes to change the alingment.  

And here's how it came out so far. Closure is tight but a bit stiff while that was expected with the added padding. It's not too stiff at all and I think that tennisball testing will be a pleasure to do. But that'll wait until pocket is ready. Maybe one full hour of job waiting to be done.


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Then some pictures of the blocker with only the sideplate and palm attacments to build and put it together. And straighten the plastic.

First overview.


Finger protection with attachments to the palm.


Thumb protection with added jenpro wear protection and attachment for the Warrior palm.


Thumb and modified index finger protection from outside


This project is soon to be completed.

Now I'm choosing between redoing a few Vaughn gloves that were done a long time ago and are not working very well or not good at all to be honest. Or should I go to the Brooklynite project? Not that yet as both of the Vaughns are good gloves that just need a bit of rethinking. They are already washed so they are also quick to take apart and get into. 

Maybe, just maybe, I should take the Brook apart and get it into washing......

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It's the end of this glove project.

Warrior palm is sitting tight inside the CCM and feels nice. Stick fits right where it should be between thumb protectors and grip is firm from the glove.


Sidewall is now laced together so it is easy to try mods and do maintenance jobs if ever needed.


Sideplate is a bit outwards now but that could've been there always and it doesn't really matter anyway. XL palm to fit in my long fingers. Not very roomy for a XL though so I have no problems while I'm skinnyhanded.


Thumb attachment. I'd like to have the thumb protector a bit further as now the end of the finger is a bit exposed but under the stick where it's rare to get a puck unless doing a "Rask save". 😅



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The glove is a golve so a few more of the blocker, both side views.


Here you see the side attachment that is modified from the original. Same way is done on the thumb side. 


For the last of it, completed gloves in and out.



This was it. If you have questions please bring them out. I'll try to answer them or someone else can. Feel free to discuss.

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I took apart an older CCM E-Flex pro stock glove (I got the set of gloves for a very good price thanks to ArdeFIN). Haven't yet been able to put it back together but it was fun to see what's inside and compare it to this glove.

I just recently did set up a blog to document and share my gear projects. Posted pictures of the internals over there :)  Go and take a look if you want to compare the two gloves. saitagoalie.wordpress.com

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Posted (edited)

Oh man I would've loved to have a 580 break too. But that is something to wait for. Nothing wrong with 600 as I played with these today. Just that it is a major difference from "normal". One day I'll get my hands to such a thing too.

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