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Back to Ice in Michigan.... Mask in Mask ;)


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We've had trainings and pre-season games the last 2 months (since end Aug), and just as our first regular season game (Regional League) was about to kick-off tomorrow, they shut down all sports for the next 4-6 weeks 😠🤬 because corona numbers have went up again. But death rate is low and AFAIK hospitals are not overwhelmed. Most people doing sports are young and fit, why now stop them? Makes no sense. Corona is out there, we need to learn to live with it, not keep doing rolling lockdowns/"slow-downs". People who are at risk should take special precautions, but let everyone else get on with their lives. But even at-risk people still need to have contact with society, see family, food shop, etc, so there is really no hiding. We're all probably going to get it or make contact with it in one way or another. Maybe you already had it but don't even know. But yet the politicians are ready to lock everything down based on statistical numbers, without thinking about the other effects on business, mental health, physical health, etc. Why don't they look at stats on that?

Now that hockey is cancelled, I'm seriously pissed off. Who is this f**king bat-guy in Wuhan who started this f**king mess? Does anyone even know? And why are our politicians so afraid of a disease that has a negligible mortality rate on people under 60? I mean Christ, even Trump recovered, and he's a 70+ year old blob of McDonalds. So really, WTF is going on? And are the masks even really helping anything? If you have to wear one all day and breathe in your own exhaust, is that really good for you, or are you just giving yourself higher risk of some other bacterial infection or making yourself ill from lack of oxygen? I mean the masks even say right on them they don't help stop infections. Ok, maybe if a guy with COVID is next to you and sneezes, it stops a few drops of moisture, but "c'mon man", it's basically not doing anything.

Ok, f**k it. Now that they took the one thing I enjoy, what can I do? Go back to jogging in the woods I guess. I like hockey because it challenges the mind AND the body. Doing pushups and jogging is so f**king boring. But I guess that's about it for now. I hope they let hockey start again in a few weeks, else I'll start some "Hockey Lives Matter" group and start smashing s**t up.


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