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Brians Subzero catcher refurbish

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Had some projects in between but nothing so fancy I'd write up something of them.

Now I thought it would be nice-to-know basis of a Brians Subzero glove.

There are some differences to Gnetik 5.0 glove but except for the skin it's very much the same structurally.

Subzero is a different angle and the pocket style is a bit different to Gnetik but that mostly comes from the break angle too.

Overall feeling of the glove is very Brians-ish which I like a lot. There are those finger loops for pinky and thumb that I need to have (Gnetik5.0 doesn't). Those loops kind of mold the glove to my hand.

Basic issues are there for a long time Pro glove, plastics have some damage, jenpro and some stichings are worn and laces are worn too. Not surpricingly the insides of the glove are in a good shape with usual filth and smell but nothing is worn to mention. Few outer velcros are to be changed which implies the glove has been dried somewhat constantly.

I'm personally biased towards the Vaughn gloves a lot, and also the Simmons one is very much what I like. Hopefully I can add this Subzero to my glove rotation too as I've liked Brians gloves earlier, I have Gnetik5.0 and DX2 on the racks.


This one has already been dismantled, washed and some reparations are done. Quite excited about it. Brians gloves are sort of rarity here in Finland. Those who have'em tend to keep'em and new gloves are quite expensive.


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Some minor things that needed attention:

Wrist strap was broken some day, or the buckle to be exact. Fixed with nice and quick "tie a new buckle with strap" to the end of the original strap.


Now it's taken apart for washing so it's easy to also attach the buckle to the strap as it is meant to be.

Thumbnail has driven it's way through fabric, foam and to the plastic which has stood up 😁 The round Brians logo on the outside is also gone and needs something to cover the hole.


Fabric isn't easily replaced as it's sewn around and covered with binding also. So take it apart as much as necessary and get the job done properly.

New fabric includes soft foam and I didn't replace that HD foam. I don't think it's needed there, hopefully I'm right about this one.

Fabric is from an old CCM or Bauer thigh pad and feels nice to finger as much as it's needed to. Rest will stay at place when the lacing is done. Some holes for the laces still are to be done when I find the right places, there were interesting design in the placement there.


Brians logo had to go, I was planning for a B-star logo to replace but it didn't work out so I adopted the ice shards theme somewhat and it is now like that.

Few holes are to be done here too. The two originals were hidden under the black spike and were way too close to pocket side and thumb, pulling the plastic and jenpros over each other at the pocket edge. That should be corrected with new hole placement later on.



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Continuing with the thumb area, again an interesting design flaw.


The thumb loop from the palm view point, and next one from outside.


So the thumb loop should come through that neoprene fabric to make a straight way out. 


Not that much to say or show, make one hole and cut that thumb loop a bit so it can be tightened enough when going through that neoprene which will limit the loop motion from now on. 

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Then a small finger stall operation to give more room for my long fingers. Remove a stiching and replace it further. My fingers just reach the edge of the jenpro and now there is enough room there. Brians seems to make short'ish finger areas as I have a Zero G blocker which is with short finger space too. Othervise there is ample room for the hand. 


Same from inside. Notice the green geltec slice there protecting index finger.


One picture of the new thumb plasting being made. It isn't 100% straight copy from original once again but extended a bit there and cut shorter there.


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