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Vaughn VE8 Pro Chest/Arm

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I've been looking for this opportunity for a long time and now I have it. A few months pickup used VE8 Pro non Carbon size SR large.

I'll see this unit through in no full review but more in a technical viewpoint. And for Mods I'll do some modifications atleast for arms to improve the protection. Something else might be done too when get deeper into this one.

First impressions for a quick try on and visual and finger point feeling through. Fits like a sweater, very soft and mobile. The shoulders appear bigger than in all the pictures I've looked at where this is like very slimmed in unit. New NHL spec is like this? The arms are the weak part for sure, just some HD foam and plasticcy like molded part to make the shape. This just can't work very good! Elbow floaters are interesting, technically I don't understand why the soft foam is on top and the HD foam/plastic is under that? I would do it just the opposite. The floaters are half detachable as one side is laced in. Nice for doing those mods. Chest as a whole, sternum and belly are "normal", not the thickest ones but atleast mediocre. Shoulders are a bit on the low side of protection, cups or plates almost are very thin and leave some open space that potentially can be hit by puck. Here I'll add some extra material in multilayer style, overlapping becips and (underlapping) shouldercup/floater. Propably I will get some advice here from my Warrior GT which is very well done at this section. Shoulder floaters are thick but narrow and might get some rise from shoulder add-ons too. That something yet to be designed better.

One thing on the downside for this topic is that the unit is black base color, so it'll be a pain to get you pictures that tell something.

Comments are welcome and conversation and suggestions. 

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9 hours ago, ArdeFIN said:

Elbow floaters are interesting, technically I don't understand why the soft foam is on top and the HD foam/plastic is under that? I would do it just the opposite. T

on my pro return bauer totalone nsg done also. and on the chest too. the soft foam on the outside additionally dampens puck energy and reduces rebound. by the way, the armor on warships of World War I was also arranged

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Here's two pictures of the hand protection, first both parts from outside, forearm closer.


The structure is simple and ... well ... just isn't enough. But it's light anyways so something is good.

Forearm part from inside.


I'd do this just the opposite way for the foams. The perfored one (and thicker on bicep) to inside and solid to the outside. Also I would thinner the outside even more and move the thickness to inside foam and add some extra there.


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Then the thickness of the materials. Plastic is the common PE and 2mm thick. Enough for the job. Profiled with a few waves for rigidity.

For the fore arm part:

Total 16mm


Inside foam 8mm


Perforated foam on the outside 6mm


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Then the bicep protection.

Outside foam 10mm


And inside foam 8mm


Missing the total thickness picture but that should account to 20mm.

So it definitely is light but protection is lacking badly. The perforated foam would make the inside more breathable without giving out anything in protection. The foam outside the plastic softens the rebound but that's almost it. If this armour was to be used in ball game where there is a big surface hitting you it would work pretty well I think. But against a puck with such a small hitting surface the energy will come through.

I'm planning to add a 10mm layer of soft LD foam and maybe layer that up against arm with a 4-6mm densier foam but not with an HD. That setup should create some airbag in between which should dampen the strike energy.

I'll get some more pictures of the arms when I get to that phase.

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Some research and invention done and here are some of the improvements to be tried on:

First the bicep which is the most critical from popular opinions. Thickest outer layer moved under the plastic and inner foam to outside. This also gives a bit more soft coverage to edges but slighly narrows the area covered by the plastic sheet.

Plastic sheet is shaped more flat towards the puck from full round. This should give some room for the added LD foam to the inside next to bicep. In the picture the foam is too wide, it only needs to cover the the area under the middle of the plastic sheet.


Another picture of the planned setup to bicep area. Here's the 4mm foam in white too which I'm yet to decide.


Then the forearm protection. Here's no reason to change the original setup of foams as the thicker is under the plastic. But I'd rather put the perforated foam under for some air circulation etc. I'll add a slice of 10 LD foam next to elbow so it won't thicken the wrist area and possibl yaffect the glove mobility.

Plastic was rehaped from the elbow end only, again tried to achieve more flat top surface. I might need to redo that for both plastics to make that shape stay. Memory effect is strong in these plastics.


I found from old spare parts stash a sternum pillow from Bauer Pro. It's very thin with only 5mm of material, but it's clean and nice materials and also easy to add that 10mm LD foam sheet inside. Then it'll do very well adding that airbag effect. Also there are velcroes for attachment and I just have to add some to the C/A.


From the same stash I found spares of a Koho Revolution which gave some parts to my Brown earlier. Now I'll use the shoulder pads which are very close to the shape of the Vaughns own pads. The fabric on these is awkward but will be hidden pretty well. 

My first intention is to get the original ones off from where those are now and move them lower towards elbow. Then I'll add these a bit more towards head and under the floaters to give them a slight lift on outer side while I try to keep them down on the neck side. Bidnings are open because I too the plastic sheets out from these. And that's good as I don't think I would've had any need for those.


Sad for me, while trying the unit on I noticed the hands are quite short, more like the M size warriors which is a disappointment as I really like the arms to be as long as possible. Remains to be seen if I can come up with something to improve on that issue. Making the arms detachable would give benefits but only if the elbow will work after that too as the problem is more on the forearm length than the whole are.


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