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Vaughn VE8 Pro Chest/Arm


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12 hours ago, Maxpower29 said:

Just an update to my posts. I had Vaughn mod my chesty and add the 2nd shoulder cap. Used 6-7 times so far and not hit yet. 


That is very similar to what Brown has always done to his chest pads, the added foam bar to cover the gap.

Chest and Arm Protectors - Brown Hockey

And the newer model
Brown 2400/2200 Russian Spec Chest Protector Initial Review – Hockey Reviews

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4 hours ago, SaveByRichter35 said:

The second picture is a Russian Spec unit.  That grey upper arm pad is part of the added padding, not stock.

I did notice in John's order form that you can choose either as an option as you go through the list of specs for all his units.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Last mod that I'll propably do to this unit; changed the cheap elastic strap to the original strap that I moved from the sleeve to the elbow floater. The sleeve will stay in place as well as before and maybe even better now.

Before (testing version)




Sleeves on this unit are excellent now and if the body part would fit better in my pants, and I didn't have the modified Brown, this unit would be in use from now on. Until something better shows up. That is what my Brown C/A thinks at the moment. The next C/A project came in today...

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