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I use Optik1 pads with Flycore and they have a flatter curve. I even bent them a little, keeping them upside down. The curve on Optik2 is more curved and would suit me better. When your butterfly isn't wide enough, the more curved curve is what you like best.

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    • By J DeMarco
      Hi everyone. I just joined, as I  came across this site while looking for old-school goalie pads. Would like to share my comic strip, Small Saves, with everyone. Please enjoy.

    • By Gruia Radu
      For the past couple of months i’ve owned a pair of stock CCM Axis 1.9 pads, original strapping and all. Ever since I got them, I can’t seem to get my knee to land on the knee blocks. When I go down into a butterfly, my knees always land below the knee blocks, causing my pads to rotate upwards and the face to shift upwards. this has affected my play and i’m not sure what I can do, i’ve tried many things. 
    • By Mazze
      Need help with make right choice Brian's Optik 2 spec max or flx and pads size .
      From new pads i want find lightweight, durability, good 5 whole coverage, good fit, good rebound and not twisted.
      At this moment i use Warrior G4 pro 34+1.5 stock, and it's really ok form me.
      Knee at right place. (check photo)
      My butterfly isn't good, but i try change it ).
      At Warrior i don't like durability.
      I train 5/7 days at week, and think my pads looks poor.
      At local shop i can't find 33/4+1 flx/max.
      I try on Optik 2 fly 33+1  and lt's don't feel good for me. Stance isn't ok and butterfly don't comfortable. But knee +/- ok.
      Try on Optik 9.0 34+1 and knee isn't in place, but  butterfly is ok. (check photo)
      I try on ice old Brians Sub zero 3 33+1 and can't close 5 whole.
      Floor to ankle 3.5  inch (9 cm)
      Ankle to knee  16 inch (40 cm)
      Knee to hip 17 (45 cm)
      Skate size 8EE Bauer
      Hight 5.57 Ft (170 cm) 
      At Brians site https://www.goalies-only.com/fitting-guide/ recommend use 30+1... and it's look weird.
      Add photo with wear on Warrior with skate and photo with Optik 9.0 34+1 .
      If someone have Optik 33+1 flx core plz pm me.
      Thank anyone for answer and help.
      Good luck at net )
      And sorry for my english )

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