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nicest skins i've seen yet

FM Moir

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    • By ScruffMcgruff
      Does anyone have any recommendations for protecting the legs against cuts?
      Back Story:
      I've being using gladiator cut resistant hockey socks for the past five years but they are ungodly hot to play in. Recently, I picked up a pair of ccm premier goalie pants to try and stay cooler on the ice but they don’t do much to protect the femoral artery. I've since gone back to the thick gladiator socks because I rather overheat than risk a life threatening laceration. 
      There has to be something better out on the market, right?! 
    • By Adam Cooper
      Here is my lad test video on how I revitalize my goalie gear from time to time in making it look new again. 
    • By bunnyman666
      Scoring is up this season. The NHL brass got its wish to be more exciting for the fans. Whilst I grew up watching low-scoring sports and really don’t understand the appeal of the two higher scoring sports (American Football and Basketball), people like to see goals and lots of them. The growth of the sport is important for us to have places to play.
      Of course the reduction of both the blocking surface of the pants in 2017-2018 and subsequently the chest protector was supposed to be the magic bullet for increased scoring. Early in the season, I saw a bit of this with goalies complaining bitterly. I had (wrongly) predicted a change in tending style, and possibly a few goalies are playing on the edge or outside of the paint, but overall- it is still mostly butterfly on the goal line all day and night. 
      Goals are not being scored under arms, between the pipe and the body or from bigger five holes. What have I noticed? Built-in one-timer trainers on the goalie’s legpads. 
      As a recent example: In the Second Round clinching Blues versus Jets game, Binnington’s pads hotly deflected the puck right to the shooter! Gave it right back! And the shooter ROOFED IT!!! That was a thrilling goal for the masses! Of course it wasn’t enough to get the Jets back into the game...
      I have seen this quite a bit this season. This post is nothing more than an observation, nor is it a “hot rebounds versus dead rebounds” argument. I’m not bashing Bettman, either; he deserves his due as the game has grown under his stewardship of the league. I’m actually fine with the developments in the current game, and hope the powers that be are satiated and they won’t continue shrinking equipment to the detriment of safety.
      What do you think? 
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