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Halo Hockey Laces 2.0


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Updated Review:

I have played about 15 games with these. I had some initial wearing on my pads due to velcro and clarino having a go at eachother but that seems to have resided. I put a patch of moleskin on the boot channel and that seems to be holding up well and not wearing. It could have also been fresh clarino shedding a bit.

Ive noticed that I have to check the screws between games for tightness, but could loctite it.

In terms of speed of getting my skates on, these are awesome and while I cant get them super tight, I feel I get a very consistent tightness and overall good comfortable fit with the halo laces.

Definitely wont be going back to laces.

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I am getting my Halo laces in the mail today.   I am always looking for innovative ways to make gear easier to put on.  I don't like showing up 30 minutes early if I don't have to!   I'm hoping these work for the skates.  I typically wear my skate laces tight all the way up but leave the very top eyelet open and that has worked for me for years.  Before I'd get awful skate bite.  I'll try to write an honest review as well after wearing them for a few games/pickups.

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20 minutes ago, insertnamehere said:

I don't think it's the screws that are causing any damage, it's more the other hardware involved. 

Agree, it is the raised edge on the base that attaches the ring that sticks out.

Has anyone suggested a low profile version for goalies to Halo

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