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Would like to share my "Small Saves" cartoon with The Goalie Network."

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    • By Easin
      Opinions needed.
      Warrior g5 or optik 2 pads? And why? 
      Anyone have trouble with the optik 2's s curve?
      My g4's are pretty flat.
    • By goaliegearfanatic31
      I am well aware of popular social media Instagram accounts getting paid/ free gear to say good things about the companies equipment.  With that being said there are Really no good social media accounts that goalies looking to get new gear can really rely on, due to the fact that these main stream accounts have to say good stuff or they won't get anything free no more, hockey reviews CA is good and so is TRAV4 but Travis job isn't to just review everything and im not expecting him to anyways he wants to focus on pro hockey which im totally ok with, hockey reviews CA I have to really take with a grain of salt like the other ones because he doesn't really move good in the crease so his reviews are kinda mush mush. Id love to see a popular account that has reliable reviews to people on gear however companies aren't gonna just blow out gear to ppl that are gona say bad things about their gear just doesn't make sense, wish stuff could change but realistically just going to the local store retailer for info is always the best for the honest truth and try everything on and fell whatever is good for you. and in pretty sure store reps get free gear as well but that's another topic to talk about 
    • By Lightbender
      Canadian tire has a warrior ritual cr4 goalie stick. I can't seem to find any information about this stick, like weight, construction, etc. Lots of info on cr1, cr2, and cr3. Is this special made by Canadian tire? How does it compare to a cr3?
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