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The butterfly flare discussion thread: Tips, trials and tendencies


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Chalk me up as '40 and struggling for flare'!

In fact, I'm convinced that whatever hip structure I've been gifted through genetics couldn't be any worse for playing in net. The proof - I did the MM Butterfly Challenge everyday for two months with absolutely no widening at all; in a carpetfly if I keep my knees a few inches apart I can barely get my ankles to move past the direct angle behind my knees! (if I open my knees up its a bit better than that)

When I used to have cowled skates they'd be blade nicks all over the inner cowls where the opposite skate would hit the other in recoveries, slides etc because my legs tend to sink under rather than flare out as they should. 

On the upside, I primarily used to play out when I was a kid and doing that Crosby-style 'opening both skates out' move was dead easy. I've also become an expert in the various forms of knee protection offered by the market! (Passaus are my choice FWIW)

Pic for the real flare 🤣


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