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RIP Vapor and Supreme

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I am not sure how big of a secret this is but those new ugly neon green Bauer skates are not hyperlite or vapor at all. I work at a hockey store (so I am taking this straight from the Bauer catalog) and the new skates are replacing both supreme and vapor. It’s going to just be one goalie skate line with a pro model, elite model, and gsx. Stock up fellas, this is the last year supreme goalie skates will be around, and vapor is already toast!

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21 minutes ago, Puckstopper said:

With Fit 1, 2 and 3 there's really no need for 2 different lines IMHO.  True has done just fine with only 1 line and CCM already put the bullet in the FT line. 

I agree except that vapor is more flexible forward and back and supreme is much stiffer forward and back. Vapor is stiffer laterally and supreme is more flexible laterally. Now if you liked supreme’s flex you can only get it at custom. The top half of these will be like vapor and the bottom half will be like supreme.


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I'm aware, I did the Bauer U training as well.   I just don't think for the average person it will mean anything.   Trying to upsell a customer based on Bauer's "stories" they tell in those videos is a losing proposition in my experience.  They just don't care that much.

The average person who comes to buy skates where I work is interested in  Brand-Price/Value-Fit/Comfort-Appearance-Performance.  Yes, there are outliers who do their research, know what they want and try on several lines.  Those are the folks who will benefit from custom anyway and with 3 custom offerings available we can accommodate them.  But the average person comes in and wants a Bauer Vapor because it's Bauer and they've always worn Vapor.  You can show them the 3D scan that shows they have a higher volume foot, get them to try on a Ribcore and they'll admit it "feels pretty good" and "doesn't hurt in the toe area like my old skates" but they're still leaving with Bauer Vapors because... Bauer. 

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You're good.  No changes to the steel lineup other than a nebulously phrased "improvement" to the LS3G steel and Pulse Ti coming to the goalie lineup.   I have every intention of buying at least one set of Pulse Ti goalie steel as the player steel feels FANTASTIC going across the wheel. 

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1 hour ago, Snowman30 said:



Damn, those are ugly looking. Not a fan of these bright colors being added to gear.  The cord on the Hyperlite pad and now this just look cheap IMO.  

Bauer should keep the Vapor and Supreme lines.  My guess is they were overwhelmed with all the products.  Maybe next time don’t have a product listed higher than the “Pro”.  

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