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To match, or not to match…?


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Personally, if the team was buying my equipment for me I would make sure it was in their colours.

If I am supplying the funds, than I am getting the colours I like and not caring what anyone else says.


I also fall into the category of purchasing used equipment when it comes time for replacement and as such it is what colours can I find in the equipment that I am replacing.


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I just got off the ice after borrowing the demo Hyperlite pads from the store I work at.   Suffice it to say that once my Hyperlite set shows up my EF5's are going to be begging for ice time.  The Stabiliflex knee block in absolutely unreal in how connected it makes you feel.   It did take a LOT of playing with the strapping to get the pads right, but once I got things right (professor strap snug, everything else super loose) these were unreal.  I wasn't even thinking about the pads about 90 seconds into warmups and loved how the pad literally WOULDN'T go to the ice without rotating.   Short version:  I think you're REALLY going to like these.

As far as matchy-matchy goes, I was fugly as all get out tonight.   White/royal blue Hyperlite blocker and pads, red EF5 glove, white orange and green jersey and for a little extra spice I broke out my new black Cooper SK2000 w/Hasek cage for the first time since I picked it up a couple weeks ago.   I had more shots glove side than I've seen in forever and one of the opposing players even said "all I can see is that damn red glove!"

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“Designed and directed by his red right hand” (or likely left…).  That’s hilarious.  Maybe you’re on to something!

Awesome to hear about the Hypers - I’m looking forward to seeing what Bauer’s stuff is all about!

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