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The official 2021-2022 "Gear sitings" thread

Steph Lawa

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4 hours ago, RichMan said:

This is my c/a below. If you blow up the pic of the CKA goalie, you can see a triangle pattern beside the C kinda like on my unit but it seems placed lower and smaller. Can't think of any other model that would ID it.

Reebok Premier 1 C/A Feedback - Chest Protectors - C&As - THE GOAL[ie]  NET[work]

That design of the Heaton/Reebok/CCM chesty has been around for a very long time. When a design works well, why change?

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Uh, well I was actually referring to some StanleyCup champion as that C/A looks like a practise version of one. His mask is far in from the C/As front line while he isn't pushing the floater area out.

The shape doesn't really remind you of that RBK/CCM product. Now everybody starts looking around to find out what the heck is that. 😆

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5 hours ago, seagoal said:

Negative, that's gray. 

Silver actually, it has some shine to it. Gray is a similar shade but a flatter color. Sure as hell not green tho!!


Also G. Sparks is now LA property, can't wait to see what he goes with, Potvin? Hrudy? Also praying for Silver base (Im a little bias to the silver 😉)

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2 hours ago, creasecollector said:

Doesn't LA have a thing where their goalies must have a white-based coloured pad? I could be wrong but I remember when Ben Scrivens had his black Icebergs and was quickly told to switch to a lighter pad colour by upper management. Not sure if they still go by those team 'rules'.


I remember hearing that too, I don't remember if was a mandate by the GM or the goalie coach. 

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1 minute ago, CJ Boiss said:

That guy does some great airbrush videos.  I watched so many recently. 

Skulls look so good with Calgary colors and the flames.  Excited to see this when it's done.  Kipper had some good ones back in the day and this looks to be even better.

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