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All - looking for some input on C&A customization. For background, I'm currently in a Vapor 2x. I like the mobility, dislike the strapping. Also currently selling my back-up - an O2. Love the protection, dislike the mobility (or lack thereof). Have an unique body type - barrel chest (44") broad shoulders and short (5'7") with short arms (wrestler in my younger years). Considering a Kenesky, a Brown or another Bauer (through PH). Would also consider another O2...but would be very hesitant. I've been impressed with Kenesky's online customizer because it provides for input for different measurements that would help dial in the fit. I'm assuming given prior contact with Brown, that the experience would be similar. I'm not as sure as buying the Bauer one...but I'm familiar with the customization team at PH and they were great to work with when I bought my Ultrasonics. I've heard anecdotally that Brown's C&A is heavier, runs hotter than others...but that would seem like an issue for someone playing at a higher level...not a weekend warrior like myself. Any input y'all can provide on this topic would be very much appreciated. 

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As someone that has owned a Kenesky, I liked the level of customization you could put into it.  I swapped out and customized a bunch of stuff on it, from the shoulder/harness system to the waist straps, all the way down to a nash padded lining on the inside of the wrist.

For sizing, they independently size the upper and lower arms, as well as the body and ribs.

Seems like Bauer is doing a similar thing, but with hot swappable parts (ie. Ultrasonic body with Hyperlite arms or vice versa).

I wore a non-custom Brown for a few months right before my Kenesky came in.  I didn't really feel like it ran hot, but the weight was definitely up there; a positive side effect was that my upper body got kinda shredded for those those few months lol

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