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Is the Fat Lady singing when it comes to cowls?

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I have seen some seemingly steadfast cowling users switch to holders this season. Fleury still uses a CCM cowl that is increasingly harder to find steel for replacement at the retail level. Graf seemingly has no plans currently to get rid of cowls, but Graf skates are less than popular these days. Of course WS Composites offers a cowl at the cost equal to a pair of top-end custom boots.

 I didn’t want to see the party end; alas, even I went cowlingless. I have a set of cowls with plenty of steel on standby. I may feel differently if I catch a flukey shot. I suppose with my rudimentary composite skills, I could fashion something to augment my boot’s protective factors if I catch a flukey shot.
If the fat lady hasn’t sung, she is clearing her throat. 

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From a goalie who still makes skate saves, Save the Cowlings. I was able to acquire 2 additional sets of cowlings for my old Grafs (Goaler Pro) and am now on my final set. The ridges on the inside toe area are filed off and new Cowlings (with built in blades) are attached.

This isn't everybody's cup of tea and I am aware that these parts are very scarce but at 72 I am satisfied that I will be still wearing my oh so comfy Graf leather boots until I hang em up for good.


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I have a pair of Bauer Supreme 7000's that are still in great shape.  I have another pair of 7000's new in box for when these ones are done.  Think I am going to buy a pair of the Original Vaughn Goal Skates, the GX1 to have on backup as well.  They are available through EvilBay from a few shops that still have a ton of New Old Stock.

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Not me...Swapped my two pairs of GoalerPros into the more modern cowlings a few years ago and just bought extra sets if StepSteel to get profiled for future use. That's the last investment I make in skates ...by the time I run through two pairs of Graf skates and four sets of Steps I should be dead. 🤣 The Goalers are 10+ years old and still look lightly used at best. Beasts.

The old lady side of me is still shocked at the idea of cowling-less, but I do appreciate the benefits. Go get 'em, young whippersnappers. 

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