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C/A most similar to Warrior Ritual G2 Classic Pro


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hey guys, what chest protector is most similar to the Warrior G2 Classic Pro, the version without the mechanical arms?

About Two Years ago, I purchased a unit from GoalieMonkey and they sized me in a Medium unit- and assured me that is my size so I went with it. However the way the unit sits on my fat **** belly, thats not the case. The Split belly portions open up and expose the sides of my stomach when making butterfly saves, and the side of the ribs are more exposed than I'd like.

I'm hoping someone has a XL unit they don't want the chest portion of, or to find a company that makes a unit similar. I like that the arms are made with plastic in the biceps and the way the unit moves mobility wise, I just cant keep leaving with 6 or 7 bruises along my torso.

Not sure what to look into, it seems I can get Medium Arms with a Medium body, but no one makes Medium arms with a XL body.

Are there any custom manufacturers who make a unit similar to warriors with plastic in the biceps and forearms?

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The R/GT was, for all intents and purposes, the same as the G2 Classic. It's the unit I'm currently in.

You may be able to find some of them kicking around, however, the new X3 Pro and Pro+ body is practically the exact same as the R/GT and G2. Shoulder floaters will be a tad different, but the overall fit is identical.


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