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Perennially frustrated about non-goaltenders' lack of understanding about goaltending?


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Read this article:

Fischler Report: Hey, Goalies! Time to Wise Up and Ditch the Butterfly (msn.com)

...which reignited a longstanding gripe of mine.  I am sick to death of people who obviously don't know a damn thing about goaltending being taken seriously when they sound off with their poorly informed opinions.  If I was to bother writing a rebuttal it would be entitled "Thanks Genius, We F#&@ing Know That, They're Our Knees and Hips!  The Problem Is Goalies Who Butterfly Make More Saves Than Goalies Who Don't Butterfly So If We Don't Do It We Don't Get A Sniff Of The Ice!  Maybe Instead Of Lecturing Us Like We're Halfwits You Could Be Advocating For Rule Or Equipment Changes That Would Make The Butterfly Obsolete So That We Don't Feel Forced To Cripple Ourselves So That We Can Have The Privilege Of Doing What We Love!"

Oy vey.  Anyways, I've decided that I'm going to create some youtube videos in January to try to address some of this ignorance.  I'm in the "gathering materials and writing scripts" phase and I figured I'd pick your collective brains first.  Does anyone have any suggestions for how to explain how goalies make saves to people who have never played goal?

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Weird phenomenon about goaltending. Everyone who has never done it seems to think they are experts. Also, those that used to do it a very long time ago develop the bad habit of thinking they know about today’s goaltending and mistakenly think the modern goalies aren’t good, athletic, etc. The Dryden article comes to mind. 

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In general, journalism has become quite poor. Between the lack of good editing, writing skills, and research, modern articles have become quite difficult to read. That being said, from a very topical look, modern tending is harder on the body, plain and simple. But this is why not only is the position of goaltender the most coached position, but there are physiotherapists who have chosen to specialise in goalies! 
I have my own reasons why I am firmly a hybrid goalie. Being a tick under 5‘9“ tall, it can be dangerous to my health, particularly to the head, to use butterfly exclusively as my save selection. But that article was just plain bad.

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