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What’s in your pocket? (Gloves)


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On 1/24/2018 at 6:30 PM, bfast said:

@SaveByRichter35 it honestly doesn't take as long as you would think, once you get going you can get it done pretty quickly. If it was your first time it would take much longer than an hour but I've done multiple gloves so its basically second nature to me lol.  

It took me about 30. I boched my xlt relace pretty bad, then learned how to make double Tees out of single tees, then I attempted a floating t for my lt 88, then I attempted it again and perfected it and finally I put in a skate lace pocket in my lt98 in about 30 mins. Its pretty easy if you follow RyanTheBeasts tutorial on youtube or you can go to a local goalie monkey.  You can make a pretty penny for it. Sold a relacing for 15 bucks per pocket at our associations goalie camp and made 200+

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A little late to this party, all three of my gloves are double floating tees with unwaxed skate lace pockets. Two were ordered and one purchased with cord for the pocket and this perfect for me as I use the lace from the pockets to re-lace the perimeter when it wares out,

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