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Bauer Vapor 3X Help?

Sydney Butler

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Back in mid-september I got a full-right Bauer 3x vapor senior glove. At first it seemed great with that "game ready" break but now I'm not loving it nearly as much. I still can't fully close it after doing the keeps33 method 2 or 3 times and wearing and working it almost every day ever since I've gotten it. My hand is just big enough to go up to senior and have am having a hard time closing the glove(not sure if this is because of my grip strength or the actual glove). I used to have it super tight but after loosening things up it seems to slightly easier. Whenever I close the glove there is still a gap and there have been a couple times recently where I will catch the puck and it just rolls out. I've messed around with the tightness and where I place the straps but nothing seems to work. There is also a bump at the bottom of the palm that stops my from closing the palm completely. Any help would be appreciated.




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The closure in your first picture looks pretty on par with my 2x Pro from two years ago. Gap and everything. I can't say I've ever experienced the puck rolling out on me, I don't see that happening if you're catching in the pocket every time.

Best break in advice I've heard for a stock glove came from Mike McKenna: tie your glove up with skate lace the way that you want to break it in, tie it all to a stick, and then hold the glove over a pot of boiling water for a little while. I'm not a materials science expert but I believe this may eliminate any shrinking that occurs from water-logged foam that dries out using the keeps33 method.

If you're really truly desperate, I would send it to Dennis at FactoryMad. Once of the issue that can affect closure is the lacing can be too tight causing it not to close all the way. Dennis will re-lace the entire glove, re-lace the pocket, and a couple of other things that will, not exaggerating, improve closure by 100%. I send all of my gloves to him. If you're allowed to in your league, you can allow him to add a floating tee pocket which turns your pocket into a black hole for pucks. Be sure to let him know if this is not allowed in your league. At the very least he can replace the pocket with skate lace.

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34 minutes ago, coopaloop1234 said:

Doesn't look to be the best closure ever, but I'm with @goalieThreeOne on this one. That gap shouldn't have a terrible impact on your ability to catch/retain pucks. 

I had a CCM glove that had a similar gap, and while I'm no fan of Lefebvre gloves (terribly made), it never caused me any issues with holding on to caught pucks. 

This is generally my take when I see these posts. I understand you want it to be perfect, but I really don't think that is going to ruin your game.


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