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Picked up a new Axis Pro mask and looking for a new CCM replacement cage or two for it (size M/L.) Not picky about white or chrome… just want to stick with authentic CCM cage. Online has been a bit of a dead end thus far but wondering if anyone has one laying around to sell… or if you local pro shop has one you’d be willing to buy and ship at my expense of course. 

DM me if you have any interest in selling to me or souring for me. 🤞🏼
Any general leads… either online or with contact info… are also appreciated and can be posted below for anyone else in need to find as well. 

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16 hours ago, Snowman30 said:


Probably your best bet. Where cats eye got banned in Canada it's rare to find a stock one. The company that makes these cages supplies most mask companies with there cages

Thanks @Snowman30... I'm holding out a glimmer of hope to find a genuine CCM cage... utilizes flat bar on the vertical and lower arch. I mean round bar wouldn't noticeably change the visibility but it's just been interesting to use thus far. I appreciate you taking the time to reply back and even post a CCM specific link. 😎

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