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Forgive me admin if this was posted in the wrong place.


So I'v been meaning to start a thread on this mask painter out of Montreal, goaliemaskcollector.com. This isn't me advertising their name or website or anything. I was wondering if anyone here has purchased anything from these guys? Curious about the up-close finished product of their work. They sure have a lot of replicas, I dunno how he hasn't been shut down for copying all the Daveart, Cipra, EyeCandyAir, Harrison etc paint jobs. Steep pricing too. Anyway their Instagram page was shut down recently.


Anyone have any experiences?

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25 minutes ago, TheGoalNet said:

I agree it's BS. It's a shame the NHL goalies he works with don't stop the practice.

At least Tim Thomas didn’t participate in a signing. That makes me respect him more.

There must be significant money to be made signing those masks that they either don’t care or they feel like they own the art work.

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I think most idiots who spend that kind of cash on this crap know it's replica. So what? Is your NHL jersey illegal because it didn't come from the team? 

I've seen his crap. Interesting stuff. Odd looking dude. They run a business that sells junk. It's always buyer beware as with anything that is sold.

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