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Cat Eye Rules

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That seems to be a bit of a grey area unless I'm misreading.

Via USA Hockey:

"All goalkeepers in all Youth, High School and Girls’ age classification must wear a HECC approved helmet and facemask or HECC approved combination Goalkeeper headgear. Rule References 303(b) and 304 (c and d)."

"A goalkeeper in the Adult age classification must wear a hockey helmet and full facemask. There is no HECC requirement, but no form-fitted masks are permitted."

So while you are 18, I think USA hockey still considers U18 as youth hockey. Juniors you can get away with wearing a cat eye. I did all year and I don't meet the age requirement. Basically if you're going to wear a cat eye then keep a certified cage in your bag just in case.

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U18 is still considered youth hockey under USA Hockey, so you will still be subject to the equipment regulations despite being 18 (legally an adult). I would strongly suggest holding off on the cateye until you get to a league that is not classified as youth hockey. All it takes is one person to notice and tell an official, and then you've got another problem on your hands. 

I kept my straight bar until I was 19 and was playing college. Nobody cares at that point 😎


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