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Bauer Skate Sizing

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I am confused with the new Bauer "Game Fit" sizing.  At the top of the chart, it lists foot size and then converts to what size skate you would need.  Does this now run true to size?  For instance, if your foot size is 10, it says you need a 10 skates.  Typically, your shoe size is 1.5 sizes bigger than the skate size.  Thanks for any clarification!

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Your picture isn't working for me, but I know of what you're talking about. I'm certain that the chart is the holder/steel size. The "foot size" should really say "skate size" and all the numbers below that row are the holder size for the above skate size and corresponding row's Fit.

That explains why Pro/Elite 8.5 Fit 3 is a size 9 holder/steel, while a 8.5 Fit 2 is still a size 8 holder/steel - it's just like the old days with the half size EE skates that move up in holder size (ie: 7.5 EE is a size 8 holder/steel instead of a size 7 holder/steel).

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