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(Minor) custom strapping on Vaughn Velocity V7 pro carbon pads


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Just a couple of tweaks that have really improved the feel of my v7's:

1. The knee channel is just too narrow if you're wearing knee pads to run the elastic strap directly behind the knee so I go down the calf. But I didn't like the angle or how low the velcro was so I had an additional patch added above it, near the top of the calf wrap so it's kind of a happy medium. Higher up, but also more of a horizontal angle for the strap to attach to. 

2. I only use the lower strap that feeds through the outer part of the knee block (does anyone actually use two, like it comes with? I'm assuming we all have removed one. Or both), and have had a piece of stiff elastic from my old mask harness sewn in, in place of the stock nylon strap. That allows me to run the strap a bit tighter, but have a bit of give. It keeps my knee in place a bit better and assures I land nicely on the knee block. I like my toe ties and everything else fairly loose so this acts as a good anchor point while keeping the lower pad feeling nice and free. 

Anyway, that's it. Just thought I'd share! The stock strapping on the v7 xr pro carbons always felt slightly antiquated and these tweaks have been helpful for me. 






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