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Montreal Canadiens and affiliate teams themed set-up


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Roy's gear is on the Mt. Rushmore of NHL gear. He was the right goalie, with the right taste at the perfect time in gear revolution. It was lightning in a bottle.

Second, IMO, for all time Habs iconic gear look - Jose Theodore. With the toque.

NHL Heritage Classic: Most memorable moments in Canadian outdoor game's  history | Sporting News Canada

The mix of Velocity and Legacy gear. The classic SOP Sher-wood. Flat faced Canadian made CCM pants. Nash palm too?


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I'm a fan to this day of Halak because of his time and playoff run with Montreal.  While he had white based setups, his gear was always nice.  I also really appreciated his red cages.  A lot of my favorite goalies over the years are smaller, shorter goalies like him, Saros, etc.

Montreal Canadiens goalie Jaroslav Halak makes a save during the second  period of NHL hockey action against the Washington Capitals in Montreal,  March 24, 2007. REUTERS/Shaun Best (CANADA Stock Photo - Alamy

Goaltender Jaroslav Halak of the Montreal Canadiens saves a shot on... News  Photo - Getty Images

Jaroslav Halak of the Montreal Canadiens stops a shot on goal by a... News  Photo - Getty Images

Halak in History: Canadien's Goalie's All-time Best Playoff Performances |  News, Scores, Highlights, Stats, and Rumors | Bleacher Report

Puck Previews: Halak goes for five; Caps/Jackets trade

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