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CCM Senior GFA Axis 1.9 Peeling/Lifting Foam... 3 Games

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I've recently moved away from my Bauer mask and went with CCM due to the fit being way more comfortable. I've used this mask only for three games and I'm having a problem with the foam lifting. I also noticed when I keep my backplate on outside of games it digs into the foam and this is probably the main reason for the peeling on the sides. So I'm going to be forced to just take off the back plate and attach it pre-game every time.




Then on the backplate it is lifting here:



I guess I can just put some adessive to stick it back on, but I never experienced this issue, and only three uses!

I even found this review video that apparently had the same problem but with the PRO model where he would have to keep the backplate off to avoid this problem:

Now I doubt it is much of a problem at this stage, but if this foam gets worse I assume I'm going to be forced to get something like this as a foam replacement:


Bit surprised though...

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