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NHL Pro Chest Protector Database

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On 1/4/2018 at 1:52 AM, ruckus007 said:

I know Bernier tried a Simmons and Passau before. Then got stuck with CCM =p.

I want to know the construction of the C/A's though. They're noTHING like what we get. I've held a Backstrom C/A a couple years back and noted beefed shoulders, biceps, forearms and plastic in the belly blocks.

They could as well just get into Brown units, John already puts plastic in all the right places.

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10 hours ago, TheGoalNet said:

@ruckus007 good call actually... I’m curious if the pro stock ones are made off shore or here. I also thought CCM didn’t really do the beef up kits with old P1 or 11k, maybe that’s changed? 

@TGC-Rance - Any insight on this? I know your shop has carried special edition CCM units 

I remember the old P1's had side rib panels, I THINK beefed shoulder caps and there was lexan in the stomach (A guy I used to play with had a NHL Pro return and we can feel the plastic in the belly blocks).

I inquired TGC about their special CCM's and it was just blue =p

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14 hours ago, TheGoalNet said:

@ruckus007 - interesting, I remember the ribs, but I thought that was a special for Lou or someone 

@SaveByRichter35 - They’re all very high draft pics... I’ll take some action they make the NHL! 

I know I am just busting chops.  I like seeing what everyone wears and how they wear it, mods they use, etc.

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2 minutes ago, TheGoalNet said:

I bet the chest protector is the next piece of gear due for a revolution. All these new impact absorbing materials are just the tip of the ice berg. Someone will invent an "un-obtanium" foam and it will explode from there

It should be. With all the talk of slimming down goalies, it has to happen. The only way to slim down a C/A is by making something at least equally protective with less bulk. That's going to require new materials, new designs, and new manufacturing methods. I'm all for it if they can figure it out. 

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@IPv6Freely - I agree, I almost think companies know what to do, but no one will launch it until they NHL mandates them. The skinny chest protector just isnt in vogue :rofl:

I don't want to look like I am wearing an XXL t shirt in net when I need a medium, but I think the Garth Snow look is silly too. This will be like anything, people will complain it's too small. They will use it, they will figure out how to bend the rules, and then they will say they are faster and lighter now anyway. 

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