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Protechsport Mask Thread

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Here...found this while randomly clicking on the protechsport site.
Mask Gallery

If I recall, his Belfour model isn't quite like the original Harrison type that was seen earlier in this thread. Belfour's mask started as a Harrison and then he went to Warwick. I am not exactly sure why it is called the Belfour; maybe it was a mask that he tried in practice and didn't like and the name stuck. I do recall in the GSBB that Chakal had an original Protechsport that closely resembled the Belfour model that he used in Junior hockey.

In the gallery, the 1990B appears to be the Martin Brodeur shape. The 1980R appears to be the Roy shape (my mask before paint is in the gallery as the white mask with the blue cage - it has since been painted and looks completely different. I'll try to post updated photos later). The 1980-90H appears to have the Belfour model in it (the blue mask and the grey/red one particularly). In that gallery, there is one that has some vintage striping and to me, that looks more like what you are after if you are going for the Harrison look. I'd ask Michel if he can share what that model is.

Personally, the one minor detail that I have questioned is when people get the Roy, sometimes they get it with the Roy padding style which is a thin, tan rubatex that is all one thickness and applied to the entire forehead area with no sweatband (holes are cut in the padding all over) vs. his normal padding job which is the black EVA strips that we always see. Do people actually request for the Roy padding job or does he reserve that for people that are getting replicas? I see masks with custom paint on them and the real Roy padding. Always piqued my interest...

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On 3/28/2017 at 5:48 PM, Mike24 said:

I've always been curious. If Roy ever tried another brand or considered switching brands during his long Koho run.  

He probably wasn't far from switching early on during his tenure with Koho and that's how Lefevre / Leferbve got pulled in. 

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On 3/24/2017 at 9:37 PM, bunnyman666 said:

I think this is Belfour:


I sent Michel this picture and asked - he called it a "Potvin" shell

I immediately ordered one :)

If I recall correctly, "Belfour" was a generic term meaning the mask would have the triangle holes, and may not have actually been a specific shell.

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