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Stick Weight & Balance Thread


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3 hours ago, ChickNPawks said:

Just picked up the new HyperLite stick. 24” intermediate. Just under 591 grams. They aren’t lying about the name. 


Also for reference, throwing in my last 3 sticks.
CCM Premier P2.9 (2018)

Bauer 3s Pro (2020)

Hyperlite (2021)

-140 grams in just 2 1/2 years time. I wonder how much more they can go? Will we see a <500g goalie stick? 


With advances in fabrics, epoxies and fabrication methods, it is entirely possible. Now that there are targeted sporting goods fabrics coming out even at the consumer project level, this could happen quite easily. My guess is that the core of the paddle is next to be worked on.

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12 hours ago, A.YOUNGoalie13 said:

Does anyone have a comparable Bauer Totalone NXG and a hyperlite or any newer top of the line stick? I found one but I want to know how much heavier it is than a current high end one

I posted weights on an NXG a while back in the Stick Comparison thread...


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