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    Here is my freshly painted mask! Captain America theme even if I’m Canadian ahaha
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    These arrived last Monday and I finally got to skate in them last night.
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    Won my final championship last night. Retired after. Burning gear tonight.
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    Watched the Russian Five today... pretty good... really good actually.. highly recommended. I'm not much into fighting but seeing Claude Lemieux get the bloody beatdown he deserved was good to see again...
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    That necklace looks really good on you.
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    All that matters is that Canada remains #1. #KeepHockeyEhAgain
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    Thats paint. The clear coat is just spray bomb. Which has yellowed and cracked a bit. I'm assuming a 65 year old guy playing pickup in Gatineau isn't a huge Flyers fan, so we should at least throw a fresh coat of white paint on it. You pick up a Nash harness at your LHS and we'll call it a community effort 😉 Don't worry about money. If this guy is really in need I'm more than happy to donate the mask and my time. T'is the season after all
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    Steve, For me, your posts are very relevant. Yes- I play the modern style in modern equipment. But the vintage stuff trips my trigger. I collect it, not to have wallets made from it, but because I truly love it. But it’s your stories that go along with those pix of your gear is what grabs me MOST. After all- I can find all sorts of pix of old gear; the stories are what I want to read ALONG with your vintage gear pix! Sir, you have MY vote, for what it’s worth. Please keep playing and showing your pix and telling your stories. Yours, Doug Rogers
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    Domingue in his Jersey 'christmas' retro set up:
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    I have been practising playing the puck in my back garden wearing goal gloves and using a piece of plexiglas and a roller hockey puck. I can say that the new composite shafts definitely make a difference in puck play, but you have to learn how to use them. I have more confidence playing the puck. I cut my shaft down a fair bit (4”) to give my top hand more leverage. The stick I am using is a fair bit shorter than what I play (I train with an intermediate sized stick in the back garden) and approximates the feel on the ice with skates on. Am I playing the puck like Turco or Brodeur? No. But my D men don’t always have to hot foot it down as a result of a poor clearing attempt from the other end (icing in any other world) and possibly lose the puck from forwards giving chase. I even cleared the puck behind my net by rimming it along the back boards to avoid a forward who was chasing it down the ice. Before I started messing with the puck in my back garden, that play would have resulted in a 1 on 0, not quite a breakaway, but I would stand a chance getting scored on or having to stop play. You will still need to work on basic puck handling skills, just composite does make it easier to play the puck. I have mad respect for guys who can play the puck well.
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    There are some catalogs uploaded (https://www.thegoalnet.com/files/category/1-files/) that might have what you're looking for. It only goes back a couple years though. I have bunch more, but I'm too lazy to upload them.
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    10:30 pm... skate blade coming right at my neck... very fortunate I tucked my chin down. Guys on the bench said they were fully expecting to see a crease full of blood.
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    Ahh my mistake. I stand corrected. Good eye Peter and Puckstopper.
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    If the biggest problem is the length and the floaters being to big why don't you send it to someone to have them reduced? At least then you get to keep the unit and its protection.
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    It's only the third time I've ever done it. This time didn't feel so bad at the end though.
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    Gray area. Probably more like “unsportsmanlike” than slash.
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    "right in the jugular!" This is why I can't watch the current NHL. Gloved shot to the chin of his mask. Soccer flop (fell on his shoulder - so he was able to turn while being "dropped"?). The announcer, like all cheese ball announcers, was doing a WWE broadcast. This is so lame it hurts to watch. Also, odds are the puck wasn't fully covered. We've all been there. You can see how easy the puck came out after Thorton poked it. It's embarrassing as a hockey player to see this act now get shown all over the place like it's real tough guy stuff. Terrible.
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    How did they get cameras in on the men’s league I occasionally sub on?
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    love them! they conform a lot better around my foot than the bauers. i feel like i’m more ‘connected’ to the skate as well and get the most out of my pushes.
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    I'm 6' 2", in 36+0.5 G4's. You should be fine in 36's I'd think.
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    From the colourways, those look to be Ritual G1s. @Patrick Roy's Wink wears some (unless his profile is outdated) so he could tell you more about them.
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    Weird. The prompts for files only came up when I quoted. This is liquid heaven. Yes, I am imbibing on the holiday thanking G’d they got out of England! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Rule Britannia!
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    It’s embarrassingly gross! I will not soil this forum with pics of how disgustingly dirty it is. It probably could give me AIDS, gonorrhoea and major jock itch, as well!
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    Won 3-2. I didn't see half as many shots as the other goalie. The first goal on me was a wild slapshot from the blue line/left point. Hits his own guy about 10ft in front of me, puck goes right hard, bounces off the mid/back of another one of their guys and in on my far right side. I think I may have had a chance to react with my blocker if I wasn't in awe of the pinball like wizardry in front of me. 2nd goal was a good screen I never saw the release on. Happy overall with my performance. I play in a dwindled mens league with only 6 teams that were previous a mix of A through C. It's sad really. We were top in the C division last 2 seasons. Anyway, we are now 10 and 2. I have a 2.00 GAA. No save% unfortunately. Never posted in this thread thanks for reading.
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    Honestly, the last two minutes of a game where we're up a goal and the other team is pressing is the most fun the position ever gets for me. We all love the pressure of the position and in that moment the pressure is high but it's not solely focused on you like say a shootout. At that moment you're the quarterback for the last ditch defensive effort with your team. Nothing beats it.
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    I like the Black n Blues... Red Wings um not gonna go there lol
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    Just recently bought a sweet low-tech MaxxDry boot dryer for $30. It’s drying my gloves as I type this. Works really well so far! It’s already been just under an hour and my gloves are pretty much good to go after this mornings 7:30am skate. Also pictured to the right is my small fan I use to dry my gear as well. Great addition to my gear area setup!
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    a glimpse at Domingue’s new mask design in his first start and win as a Devil 👍🏻
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    I’ll give you a hallelujah!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
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    This whole topic is proof of a larger human trait. Humans are terrible at paying attention to what’s in front of them and seeing the details.
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    Wanted to share my experience so far with some V1 Pro + I picked up off of Pro Stock Hockey. First off... I'm coming from using Bauer composites. I had tried a traditional paddle shape on a composite with a Sherwood BPM150... and didn't like it at all. From that point on I swore I was an Ergo paddle guy. But as the Bauer stock dwindled (still have 1 Pro Stock NXG but have finally depleted all the 2S Pro)... I really was having a hard time justifying $300 per twig... so I started to look around. This topic in particular finally peaked my interest in Warrior sticks again... but still didn't want to spend $300 each. Searched the interweb for a deal... SideLineSwap... eBay... HockeyStickman... etc. Then I stumbled on some for a curiously low price on Pro Stock Hockey. About 1/2 the price of a retail stick and 3 rolls of tape... might as well give it a try. So I picked a couple up thinking I'd immediately order 2 more if I liked them. I went with an Anton Forsberg 27" Actual paddle height with a mid curve. Upon receipt they felt good in my hand... light... less grippy of a paddle than Bauer... lie angle is steeper than P31 Bauer... and the balance point felt lower than on a Bauer... but no real issues so off to the scale they went. First one was a little heavy for what I saw on this topic but nothing crazy at 679g. I mean it's Pro Stock so it's not the exact same as retail. But the Second one came in at 730g... V1 Pro/CR1 territory. Let me stress that this is by no means heavy... but when expecting somewhere around 650g - 660g... that's heavy. I immediately started looking at the composition of the stick thinking maybe it was just a V1 Pro/CR1 dressed as a V1 Pro+. The carbon weave is small... no Minimus Carbon G 1200 markings etc... just the paint job and a name. I shot a note to Pro Stock Hockey looking for some clarity... but it was late on a Friday afternoon and didn't expect a reply over the weekend. So I decided to tape one up and use it in a Sunday game. Worst case I'd send one back to PSH and sell the used one to someone locally. Turns out I actually didn't really notice much of a change at all from the Bauer to this... so construction aside I'd order a couple more so I can have a good consistent twig for a little while. Before doing so though I did call PSH and talked to them about the make-up. Essentially while the carbon weave differed significantly from a retail V1 Pro+... the paint is really all they had to go on (unlike Bauers etc where you can discern by coding.) I did ask however that they weigh everything they had in stock and just send me the 2 lightest on my next order. They arrived 2 days later... and weights are 666g and 677g. Can't complain one bit. I'll use the remaining NXG and the "heavy" V1 Pro+ in my pick up skates and keep the 680, 677, and 666 sticks for games. It's still a bit of a head scratcher on what these are exactly... they seem lighter the a retail V1 Pro/CR1... but slightly heavier than a retail V1 Pro+. Are they stripped down V1 Pro/CR1 or beefed up V1Pro+? Whatever the case... the bottom line... they're plenty light and a great price... even came with 3 rolls of tape each (although it's not as good as Howies... it works.) TBD on the durability front but I have no reason to think they'll snap quickly. If anything I wondering how long I'll be using these things. https://www.prostockhockey.com/hockey-sticks/goalie-sticks/left-anton-forsberg-white-v1-pro-stick/
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    They kind of do!
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    I wear my Eflex set nice and loose and don't have any issues. That was why I resisted ditching them on my GT2 set for so long. Being elastic they didn't really interfere with anything and they definitely help the pad center up more quickly. I ditched them after spraining my ankle and decided that the difference in coming back to center wasn't worth putting the little bit of extra pressure on my ankle. The SLR2 line is supposedly a tiny bit heavier than the SLR1. However neither is a truly heavy pad, certainly not any heaver than what CCM is offering. Also, weight in hand isn't everything. The Vaughn is so well balanced due to the professor strap that it feels lighter than almost any other pad we stock when you put it on. It sounds like you've got your mind made up to go with Bauer and are just looking for confirmation of that choice to be honest. If that's what you want, by all means go for it. The only cautionary word I would give you is that we get very few repeat customers for Bauer pads. Most people try them and go back to the brand they came from or move on and try something else. They do have a few loyalists, but not like CCM, Vaughn and Brians.
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    I was told I play like a shooter tutor.
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    Well THIS is interesting
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    Some show fight straps, some don’t. Mine will have Pooper branding on it and the number will be 2.
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    I should have clarified, the type of cycling I do is called flatland bmx. Which consists of rolling balancing tricks on one wheel (no ramps). I did notice last night at my game, my butterfly flare felt a little wider. I've been doing this program since last Sunday. We unfortunately lost (I got hung out to dry) but my butterfly flare felt wider and I was stopping shots that I don't think I would've stopped two weeks ago.
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    May 1988. Absolute beauties...
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    Everyone on this team is simultaneously 15 and 42 and I love it.
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    https://web.archive.org/web/20130316044909/http://goaliestore.com/ Not entirely lost. Luckily this website has taken snippets of the page over time and you are able to browse to some extent on there. It would require someone to comb through each page to gather the information and compile it, but it's there if anyone is willing to wander around blindly on the webpage.
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    Thanks for the encouragement, bud. I'm in a weird spot; I dont want to play late on a weeknight anymore and the day job prevents my doing what I think I need to do to prepare physically and mentally. I wish it were otherwise. Further, I am not sure how well I would do in a league anymore. Any of the guys here, from beginner to experienced, who play in a league are at a level I dont think, as a practical matter, I can get to anymore. Maybe I am BS-ing myself into it but I am pretty content being a practice target. I enjoy hockey more than ever, even more than I did in youth to senior level, and if I suck, I dont cost the team a game. And if it makes me a wuss, I"ll wear it but I dont want a 34 yr old 230 lbs Patrick Kane wanne be or was back in the day crashing me and blowing me up. The hit you took last year would have been a major problem for me. Below here is from Saturday night a few days. I did ok in that I thought I moved better than I had the past few skates. Some awful goals where I was off angle and I have an apparent weakness on stuff moves on my right post. As an aside, I redid all the strapping on my CA and wonder of wonders, it actually fits like it should! I forgot how I dont necessarily have to eat shots off the collar or upper chest. Protection! what a concept. Thanks for checking it out.
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    Received my order today. Now to find a summer skate to break'em in!!!
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    At this point it seems like manufacturers have exhausted any and all possible innovation imaginable. Warrior is quite ahead of the game. Bauer is the only one trailing behind. Brian's is trying hard to keep up and CCM just woke up. Factory Made, Mckenney, JRZ and a european brand that the name completely escapes me at the moment are working hard at being original despite their size.
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