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    My new set of Brianโ€™s pads from 1997. Wore them about six times and there went the knee. Twenty plus years later They still look good.
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    Here is my current setup, Itech 961 restored by newimagegoaliemask, CCM extreme flex 2 pads, Vaughn Bibeau pro return ve8 chesty, reebok xlt blocker, Varlamov pro return catcher, which seems like a 5500 clone, CCM 12A pants, Bauer Supreme knee guards, Brown jock, Bauer Reactor 6000 with Howies laces and Step blades and a Senators jersey my brother gave me.
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    My pads finally came in!!!! Canโ€™t wait to get my hands on them.
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    Just got my custom G5 pads and decided to make some tabs to attach my elastic toe laces to. I prefer to have the elastic laces attach at at point that is directly in line with the front of my skate as I find I can use less tension in the elastic, which is easier on the body and yet the pad rotates back in place consistently. I made the same sort of thing for my G3 pads and it worked great for me for 3 years. I made the tabs from some hard plastic, out of an old knee pad, some Jenpro and some lacing. I laced the tabs through the 2 front holes and through the larger circular hole and one of the slits. I put a piece of plastic on the inside where the the lacing went through the larger circular hole and the slit to make the attachments more secure. Here are the pictures of the parts,tab attached to the pad and skate attached to the elastic laces.
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    Had Dave Wilcox reskin my gloves a couples weeks ago to finally have a matching set ๐Ÿคฉ
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    First new pads in 10ish years. Was going to get a custom set of G5s, but was convinced to check out how the newer gear fit before committing. The warrior 32+1.5 is about an inch taller than my 32+1 V4 pads, but my knee is in the middle of the block so I think it'll just take some getting used to. Also the first set wearing knee pads instead of thigh wraps. Waiting on a set of Prolaces as well. If only rinks were open to try them out
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    Just got my set. The hockey shop took the best pic so here they are! Get to try em Wednesday.
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    Not really an action photo, but I got to share the same ice surface as Justin Pogge yesterday morning. Super cool dude.
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    Don't do it. I've heard 580 guys take a fancy to their own sisters. @BadAngle41 Can you please confirm these allegations?
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    After an incredibly short two week wait time, my JRZ Fusion's were delivered. I love them. I just need some ice, sigh.
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    Took advantage of the 25% screw up on gear from Hockey Supremacy, thanks guys! New profile mask and Axis pants!
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    My pro custom setup, mostly 2xPro skinned as ultrasonic just came in and I couldn't be happier. Not shown in these pictures, but the black on the back of the glove and blocker with the red binding around it just looks sick. I just finished applying Cage Skinz to my mask and it also turned out pretty good.
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    Agree I have posted this link before and here it comes again. Learn CPR. It's simple. It saves lives. Yes, find the location of the closest AED (Automated External Defibrillator) in your arena. It's simple to operate. It saves lives. Here's how I know. Steve Berry
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    I already posted in in the gear showoff thread, but I think the new kit needs to be in the JRZ thread as well. I also spent 45 minutes on the synthetic ice with them, and I am impressed.
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    Got my set in today and I am extremely happy with them even with the extra wait. Looking forward to getting them on the ice this weekend, the glove is really snappy and just needs broken in to open it up and present bigger. My biggest worry is how to get my prolaces on them too. The thigh rise is definitely much thinner than on my SLR pads.
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    Got some pics from the factory, thought I'd share: Looks like they've added a hard plastic sleeve, similar to the CCM Pro units, or a player' shin pad. I was also given the option (and accepted) the addition for a stinger pad that sits just under the upper arm protector (on my unit, the rectangular piece in red). And an airbag. They told me Helleybuck has these too.
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    I do have a sister... and I do love her... I'd even go as far as to say that I love her as much as I love a 580... but to say that I "fancy" her is a bridge too far. By no means am I saying that your source has fed you lies about 580 guys... some could very well fall into the demographic he described. I simply do not. That said... I have heard similar stories about guys who love new tweaks on Warrior gear... also don't mind poking around the barnyard on occasion... to try out some new things. Just a rumor I'm sure... right?
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    My pickups in the last couple weeks. Pro return Canadian made Bauer 1s skates, will be my 1st try at the cowlingless skates. Came across them in sideline and got them for great price. Below is a picture of them with my custom Bauers from while ago my good friend Rod at the goalie crease had done for me. Picked up a set of Pro lace armor to go with my custom 2x pads, and then Toppi from Kova sent these toe ties with a part that was missed from my custom suspenders. I appreciate it alot that he did this, guy has excellent customer service and quality products. I also picked up last month a very rare pair of xxl CCM pro return pants. There was not very many of these pants made in this size for the CHL and they are hard to come by.
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    One of the worst experiences i've had on ice with a new piece(s) of gear. This is also after a month of breaking them in around the house. Can't say I'm a huge fan of the 60 degree break, they interfered with my C/A like crazy. And this is compared to my warrior blocker which I have on the "highest" setting (palm super low). I felt like I had bricks for hands, it was rough. Also, I really did not miss having a wrist strap on my glove. Just seems so constrictive and unnecessary.
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    So... like a Brown?? LOL
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    I frankensteined my chest protector a bit. Brian's subzero 2 chest, CCM Premier Pro arms and extra heart guard and there's part of a Simmons 996 beef up kit on the belly. So much cheaper than going out and buying a new one!
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    Gilles Sennโ€™s new mask ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ
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    As there's so many trends right now in goaltending equipment and technology is becoming the biggest selling feature, I thought it would be interesting to track the OGs of a given technology. Here are my thoughts, agree or disagree? Hard rebounds: CCM Premier XLT Fast sliding: Bauer Supreme 1S Flat boot: CCM EFlex 1 - Not the first, but started the dialog on the topic Box style pad: Vaughn V1 - Not the first, but the first commercially successful Elastic Strapping: Brian's Sub Zero 1 Foam core pad: Heaton Helite II - Not the first, but the first commercially successful Solid core pad - RBK Premier II
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    Average of my M1 Pro+ sticks is 632 grams with a 26" paddle. I've got 4-5 hours on the ice with them and have liked them so far. They're definitely softer than the V1 Pro+, but not quite as flexible as the EF4. Once I get some more time with them I'll go more in depth, but my initial impressions have been quite positive.
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    Markstrom also in a super boing set of L20.1s
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    Christ Valarmov, get some style.
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    I was scrolling through pictures from last season and came across this I donโ€™t know what it is about it but itโ€™s without a doubt one of my favorite pictures from that season
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    I think Rittich is wearing new Lefevre gear. L20.1's, looks like. Interesting, because he was in a CCM Eflex 4 before the stoppage. Maybe figured he might as well try a different style of pad since he's been off the ice for so long? (still got leather straps and lace toe ties, though)
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    Copley's testing out Lefevre
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    You're probably at the mercy of USPS.
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    picked up a jamie phillips 580 clone off sideline swap the other day. Nothing will dethroe my warrior gt2 but it feels pretty nice.
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    These are mine which took just over 8 weeks to land in U.K. will be with me tomorrow.
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    My G5 set came in yesterday. Going to be hard to stare at these for the next couple months...
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    Do elitists get five practices in two days like me? (Me a regular)๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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    I posted a picture of it on the previous page. It was pretty easy to attach them; I used needle nose pliers to pull the aglet end of the skate lace out of the second hole. If you want to get fancier, you could do what @Ross did for his:
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    So I passed out halfway through my ice time tonight. XD Heat exhaustion (it's happened to me before. I recognized what was happening, got myself to the bench, got some of my gear off). I'm fine, damn body just forgot that it needs to sweat when I'm standing on my head. Other than that my ice time went great! Looking forward to next weekend
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    Pulled the trigger and picked up a couple new Bauer masks from the LHS. They fit great and make me feel safer out there. Don't affect my sight lines, ventilation is about as good as can be expected.
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    So today was thr first ice since march and I had to choose between this Simmons and a Bauer Reactor 9000 which was completed in april I think. Good choices but took the the Simmons with me and liked it a lot. One odd hit to base of pinky I felt otherwise just catch and have fun. The double T and huge pocket isn't exactly what I prefer, I don't like the feeling when I catch a puck and keeps rolling around in the pocket. No escapers here as the closure is super tight and easy so it's just the feeling. Single T kills that movement right away. Well that is issue in the warmup only, while in the game there's not so many glove saves afterall. Project accomplished ๐Ÿ‘
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    @SaveByRichter35 I told you these things were heavy.
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    Don't do it, find ice ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    First of all, I asked you to confirm the allegation, not deny it. So I'm just going to assume you slipped up on your keyboard there with all that "no not me"' Second, what me and my Warrior fanboys do in the barn is none of your business. Though, it can get wild. Why do you think @cwarnar retired? Tuckered the poor guy out.
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