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    New Masked Marvel Goalie Helmet (Assault model) for USHL goalie James Durham. Decal wrapped done by SkinFX. Learn more at www.maskedmarvelhelmets.com
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    Well I couldn't find an existing image to see how a cheater looked on a Bauer Concept mask. So here it is.
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    Incredible looking Masked Marvel Goalie Helmet (Assault model) done up in a matte purple with a gold cage. Absolutely killer look! Learn more at www.maskedmarvelhelmets.com
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    To be honest, I did it mostly because I couldn't part with my Tydan DLC blades. Best steel I gave ever used. I don't really care about 3mm vs 4mm as long as I adjust my hollow and profile accordingly.
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    Dialed in and ready to go! www.maskedmarvelhelmets.com
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    A new Masked Marvel Goalie Helmet (Assault model) painted in a gun metal silver with a royal blue cage and hardware. Learn more at www.maskedmarvelhelmets.com
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    CR1 Stick Let me preface this by saying that this is my first entry into the composite world. Prior to this it's been Reebok, Sherwood and Warrior foam cores. So my experience with this stick should be viewed in such a fashion. I won't be able to compare this to other composites (especially the Vibexx) but I can compare it to years of foam core usage. Stick is a 25" Paddle with Quick curve. Got it on a wicked sale form the Hockey Shop in Vancouver due to the fire they had. Now, as probably any foamcore -> composite user will say, holy crap is this thing light. I don't have a scale, and pull a @TheGoalNet and weigh it on my dealer scale, But i can attest that it's roughly half the weight of my swagger foam cores. Stick deflects well, my playing the puck has got better, my blocker arm (coupled with the light R/GT blocker) feels like i'm wearing nothing at all on that side. Now, what people are curious about. Vibexx. Does it work? Well unfortunately, due to my lack of experience of using composites, I can't directly compare to the other brands. Though I can say, aside from a few instances of feeling an uncomfortable vibration (which i'm assuming would be worse with another stick) this thing barely rattles the old hands. It's far more common to feel nothing than even a strike against the stick, let alone a rough vibration. I know IPV6 has had a different experience with this stick, I'll fully recommend this stick for anyone.
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    Leg Pads Another item that I absolutely love. Warrior definitely knocked it out of the park for these. While they're advertised as a "Hybrid" pad, they sure don't play as one. Think of them as a more flexible G3. With a tapered toe, more flexible boot break, more torsional flex, they are softer than the G3, but with no upper thigh break (internal/external) and only the Int/Ext knee break, they play more rigid above the knee. This was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a softer at the boot pad, with a stiff upper half. I have a wide enough flare that additional breaks aren't needed. The back of the pad is identical to the G3. With the nylon/neoprene knee sling, fully enclosing calf wrap, knee drive system, ARS straps, the whole shebang. It's exactly the same as the G3. These pads do what they advertise with the break system at the boot. If you're unfamiliar, with the way the R/GT's are constructed, they flex in a torsional fashion that the taper becomes a full seal at the boot, without affecting the thigh rise. They seal well, slide great (especially coming from some V4's) and kick out rebounds. Look, if all things equal, would these slide as well as an Optik, 1S/1X, EF3? Probably not. Full flat jenpro surface definitely isn't a detriment, but with the new tech coming out (even the G4's have switched it up), you won't be getting the absolute full potential for your sliding. Rebounds won't kick out as far as a full hard faced pad, but the robounds are lively. I have found that the boot area kills rebounds more than the rest of the pad, but that seems to be hit and miss. This is a fantastic pad for those wanting to switch it up from the soft pad you're used to, to a new tech harder styled pad without doing a full switch. Also, one pro tip. Remove the calf wrap from the calf wedge. This will allow the calf section to move more independently from the rest of the pad and feel more natural on the leg. I've also modded the velcro on the inside by adding a adhesive backed velcro end onto the now exposed area. I left the backing on the adhesive (obviously) and this has cut down into any potential wear issues. Final Verdict: Excellent pads, will probably move to the G4's after these. Also, forgot to mention. Aside from some minor wear at the top of thigh rises due to rubbing, these pads have held up incredibly well. Better than my V4's in the same amount of time.
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