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    @BadAngle41 and @TheGoalNet : As requested, my tribute to the full-Fibrosport masks worn by Jacques Plante and Bernie Parent in 1971-72. Research photos followed by tribute mask. Protechsport faux-label with Michel's signature and Laval, Quebec done to pay homage to Jacques' original sticker. Also, "weathered" to show fiberglass weave and rust stains suggesting a "garage-sale find."
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    @Doobiesnax my unsolicited submission ?
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    4 for me pad break wise, coming from some onw who came from a brians gnetik2 all fours and then custom gnetik2 all threes ive had no issues.
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    Wore some older gear tonight at a skills clinic. •Heaton Pro90z leg pads 33” •Brian’s Thief catcher and Brian’s Airlite blocker. •John Brown 2100 C/A. •John Brown 2000 pants (Which I wear normally). The rest I wear normally. •Graf 750 Goaler Pro. •Eagle double cup. •PAW knee pads. •Promasque.
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    Hey All, Came over from GSBB and decide to post some gear that no one will most likely care about, since my pads are from 2008 or so, and they're still holding up great and I love em! Pete Smith 35+1 pads (pic was taken when I first got em, if they were this clean still you would I am REALLY bad ?) And here is my mask I got painted around 2011 from Headstrong, I believe this is when they first began, mine might have been one of the first few masks? Not sure. All my old gear is still going strong!
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