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    My adult men's team was up 2-0 with around 1:30 left in the third when they pulled the goalie. Soon after they dumped the puck in right at me, I stopped it at top of my crease and took a shot. Perfect shot. Could try 1000 times and it wouldn't be that perfect. Got it high and hard over the forwards heads to land around far blueline. Their D were far enough to the sides that they couldn't reach it. Puck went in dead centre. My first ever goal. And a shut out to boot! Stick used: Warrior CR1. Normal shooting grip, not the new Turco style all the kids use! Very cool to score. I can't imagine ever scoring again. The chances are few and far between. And then to have the perfect shot to actually score... I'm shocked. 😎
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    No Armadilla, No Hockey; so the stars aligned, 3 wise men pointed me to a manger and @Don Straus did his magic. Just want to get some pictures out there. This was a very special project and it was truly an honour to work with Don. Thanks to @TheGoalNet for putting us back together. Don made his first mask for me when I was 14; 25 years later, our paths have crossed once again.
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    Hello - first post here. Kind of a gear collector but definitely use all of it too! Ventured into painting, sewing, heat pressing...all kinds of stuff to customize my stuff on my own! I also have a pretty decent collection of action shots because my uncle is a sideline photographer for the Eagles...and he comes to my games :) Anyway, enjoy!
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    My son is the goalie for January for his Novice team, so we got the club's gear over the holidays. Rented some discount ice, and worked him out a bit. The grin on this kid's face after... just priceless! I love that he's having so much fun with this. (BTW - club uses LAK colours, so all his gear will match for the games )
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    Yes- I signed in and answered about Factory Mad, so it is time to do an update. I kinda had a few mental health issues mainly from trying to figure out my place. I am not quite the grizzled veteran of playing goal or hockey, for that matter. Yes- I played hockey as a youth, advanced to Juniors, then got an injury and took 25 years off. I got my competitive rocks off from cycling and duathlon, was a recording musician for a spell, then returned to hockey 8 years ago. But I did what I wanted WHEN I wanted, which was threatened by Ulcerative Colitis. The past year and a half really tested that, as I figured out that I TRULY loved playing goal and THAT was in jeopardy. The confidence lost from a very messy colostomy transferred to many places in my life, including how I behaved online. I took things too far and too personally. A light in my life came when after four months, I finally got the pouching down where I was confident enough to play hockey once again. Of course scheduling got in the way. And I STILL had confidence issues due to some struggles with pouching. I did play hockey two weeks before my last surgery, which was a huge mental victory for me. I had my (hopefully) last surgery to close the loop ileostomy last Tuesday (2 April 2019). I am in for a LONG road ahead until I have the confidence that I can play hockey, but have faith that in typical bunnyman fashion, I WILL be regularly playing once again. I do not expect to be welcomed with open arms. During my snit, I burned a few bridges. I am still a work in progress. I will be contributing a bit more IF the moderators are keen, but I am keeping my behaviour in check. If anyone wants to take a peek into my life as an Ulcerative Colitis survivor, you can do so by following my Instagram @goalieostomate .
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    Mail day 😍😁😍 Pasquale pro return stick, matching pants are with Dennis at Factory Mad being repaired. Also, Michel is shipping my mask today and JF Aumais is wrapping it. Can't freakin' wait to hit the ice. I've never owned new matching equipment before, so this is pretty surreal.
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    You’re gonna blame arguably the most protective c/a on the market for your broken clavicle? Sorry not buying it. I feel for your injury, man, that fucking blows. This has to be due to improper sizing or something though. Was this custom sized to your body when you bought it?
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    Posted these on GGSU needed to post them here! 34+2 Vaughn V8 will be writing a initial review and more in depth review as I use them!
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    UPDATE... It was nearly impossible to find an artist to do such a simple paint job for me... Believe it or not. After a local guy fell thru, @Kayen mentioned that @Doobiesnaxwas doing a mask for him. After a brief exchange of PMs the deal was sealed. Here's a few teaser pics as the mask awaits clear coat:
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    What else? Top down all the way baby .....................
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    Got a photographer to come out to one of my games finally.
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    Hello world. Out with the old. In with the new. These posts will be my first impressions of the Warrior Ritual GT2 leg pads, catcher and blocker, as well as a full review in the near future. Warriors made some tweaks to the GT2 line; I'll try to take pics to show the changes they've made. Leg Pads My pad history: Koho 590 RBK Premier 2 Brian's Focus CCM Extreme Flex 1 Passau Stolz Warrior Ritual GT1 And now... the Warrior Ritual GT2. The GT1 was probably my favorite pad I have owned to date. Super light weight, super durable, with a very modern design. It sealed the ice so well and was super responsive on my leg. The knee cradle was nice and stiff, leading to me feeling very stable in the 'fly. An issue I had with a previous pad was that the knee cradle didn't feel very attached to the pad itself. It had too much give and wiggle. With the Warriors, the knee cradle is pretty solidly integrated into the pad. However, the big issue I had was with the single break and the internal core. It broke down a little too quickly, in my opinion. I'm about 5'11" and 175 pounds - not a big guy - and the thighrise got a little floppy. I never stored the pad upside down or mashed them under a table to break in, but they broke down anyway. Check out the video below; I can flex the pad (too easily, IMO) with just one hand, with very little strength - I'm essentially just lightly tapping the pad. There were situations where I could feel the thigh flex when I'm down in the butterfly because of taking a shot off the 'rise. It was an issue that really bugged me with the pad, so when the RGT2 was announced, I hoped Warrior would reinforce the pad like they did with the G4. And they did. I opted to go with no break in the external roll to try to keep the breakdown to a minimum. My specs: 35+1.0 No external break (stock is a single break) Weave on the inside edge. According to my luggage scale, the pad weighs approximately 4.2 lbs, or 1.9 kg. Note that this is with the skate lace still attached, the knee cradle flap still attached (which I will remove) and the retail tags also attached. Basically, this is the weight of the pad straight out of the box. So what's new with the GT2? Warrior has added HyperComp material to the thighrise, added their 360 ActiveDrop leg channel, and some minor changes to the new cradle, including the availability of an adjustable knee strap. The pad still comes with skate lace toe ties as a stock option, but their Active Response straps are included with the knee pads, which don't seem to have been updated. Warrior's got some upcoming knee pad offerings that are different from what comes with the pad. The new retail knee pads look dead sexy, too, compared to these plain-jane gray knee guards. Note the three gray colored tabs at the top of the GT2 (left pic). Those are the adjustment points that you can clip your strap into. With the GT1 (right pic), you had no other options if you wanted to attach your strap across the knee. Warrior has some changes to the knee cradle. They've added some padding to the cradle and to the back face of the pad itself. Along with slightly enlarging the knee cradle, this should help with stability and properly landing into the cradle with each and every butterfly. Below is a picture of the knee cradles, side by side. I didn't break out the tape measure, but the GT2 cradle is slightly longer, but I believe the width is about the same. An eagle-eyed board member, @Teezle, pointed out that the GT2 (and G4) knee went to a design with binding while the GT1 and G3 pads had bindingless designs. I hope the GT2 design will last. The Warrior GT1 in this pic had been used approximately twice a week for maybe fourteen months and there is no evidence of wear there. It looks almost brand new, to the point that I've been getting chirped online for getting new pads when it looks like I've only had the GT1s for a month! And now Warrior has made weave available for both G4 and GT2! It looks amazing and if you opt to get it on your pad, it definitely adds a premium look and feel to your gear. Warrior has also changed the way the top of the pad is finished. Previously, they had nylon extend all the way to the top of the pad. Now, they finish the top with jenpro/weave. I think this is a change for the better. Some people, including myself, have seen a little bit of wear at the top of the pads from rubbing with the other pad in the stance or in the butterfly. The nylon wasn't as resistant to abrasion as, say, jenpro would have been. Some nice attention to detail here. The calf wrap and boot remain the same, and these are both among my favorite features of Warrior's pads. The big calf wrap is really durable. Unlike other brands that use elastic, which eventually stretches out and loses its consistency, the big wrap stays consistent and the velcro is still going strong. The bindingless boot design by Pete Smith, first seen on his Smith 5000 goal pad seems to be indestructible. Check out my post in the classified for some pictures of the boot area after 100+ skates. It looks almost brand new. The pads I had prior to these Warriors, which all had binding in that area, would always get chewed up and leave material exposed. Not so with the Warrior. Overall, the gear looks and feels amazing. The design is great, not only is it innovative, but its also incredibly durable. The craftsmanship is excellent, too, but anyone who has picked up Warrior gear has seen and felt that. It's getting late and I'm tired of trying to sound like I can talk pretty. I'll try to write about the glove and blocker tomorrow. I'll be skating with these babies too, so no promises on getting that up.
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    So these showed up yesterday: 35+2, 75 degree on the catcher and I'm going to start the blocker off in low position and see how it goes. I'll post some first impressions after my game Thursday.
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    New set arrived today. Thanks to Jay at the Goalie Crease for all the help! G-Netik 4 34+1.5 with a few mods: Anchor T +1" pocket Pro Palm extra Break in No outer break on outside roll Pre curved tops X-Still knee block
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    Showing off my gear, showing off other people's gear. You're welcome John and Brian.
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    New gear from Brian’s was posted yesterday. Instagram comments were fairly confident that these were made for the Toledo Walleyes and the Lemonheads brass were left scratching their heads as to who was gunning for a spot on their summer hockey team haha. In truth, it’s just an honest Winnipeger who liked the colors 35.5+1 stock genetik 4 pad, xl palms in both gloves, Anderson pad in the blocker, game ready break and anchor t in the catcher. Brian’s logos in place of all B⭐️s. Was quoted 10 weeks and they were done in 8. Hopefully they ship quickly 🤞🏻Amazing job done by Brian’s.
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    A little bit of a different picture, but a rival team (and one I sub for) had their captain pass away unexpectedly. He was a good guy and great teammate. They asked us to pay our respects before the game. We did end up playing spoiler, but they played hard and it was a good battle.
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    Those pads look like:
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    In other news, Goalie Monkey should probably fire their copy editor...
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    https://www.facebook.com/jfaumaismaskwraps/ sent me pics of my vinyl mask wrap. I am pretty happy with how it turned out!
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    Some Pics of me from the actual season 😉
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    Decided to use up some left over padskins to spruce up the gear for the holidays.
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    Couple of pics from my schools grad vs teachers hockey game and a little behind the back save Pics from
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    Here's a few from my game at Rogers Place pre-Oilers vs Avs game!
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    Yep- I did it again! This time, the victim is a pair of Vaughn goalie pads. Since my cause is ulcerative colitis, these pads tune right into my disease. I went with a simple outer roll branding, as I did not have great luck with branding the face. Call this “pro” branding... I will show steps from Vaughn branded to Pooper branded.
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    Well dang. I'm mildly excited about this. Just mildly
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    Got my Sportmask Mage back from JF Aumais. Once I got this idea in my head, I couldn’t get it out... Vinyl was in excellent shape this time, no issues. Note that this helmet was black and the vinyl is definitely opaque. Other than the black you may see in the vent holes, I wouldn’t be worried about covering black with this product. Now to order a gold cage to complete the look...
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    Don't listen to this. Listen to this. The fucking guy is just getting back into learning how to SKATE. Let him worry about attack angles later. Stop spreading shitty advice.
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    So here is my first video of actual hockey... a little context i play on a university c team, our team is made up of players from 2 different universities. How ever once a year we split up and have a fun game against each other (and we drag the d team into it too). I was lucky enough to play in the game on the green side, in front of 2500 which was honestly a little ridiculous! The hockey was slower than our usual games (probably suits my pace better lol) but still just as fun. I even got a penalty as you will see, my first ever penalty!
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    You incorrectly spelled "sightings" correctly. (Its an inside joke that probably started when you were still in diapers, its ok if you don't get it)
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    also, get rid of the lime green crocs.
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    THESE UNI'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Mike McKenna. One word. WOW!
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    I know they're all over the internet already...but just too good not to repost here:
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    New mask completed. OTNY X1 pro eco. Thank you to Dennis at goalieparts.com, Tim James for the powder coating of cage and hardware, and Mark at SkinFx Wraps for the awesome wrap on the mask!
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    If people are still buying from this company they're stupid and deserve to lose their money.
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    We do use player skates now- they're faster, leg pads are actually big blockers that weigh roughly 6 oz. each and somehow magically just stay on your legs (some have magnets!!), sticks are made of feathers and have spines now rather than a solid core and they literally fly away on every shot they take, blockers no longer make waffles but are balanced....so......,catch gloves have more angles to choose from than a geometry quiz, chest pads are more like a nice fleece shirt, masks are now made of spaceships, and pants are now, well, pants. Oh, and every piece of everything is now made of velcro and elastic. Not much has changed, if you really think about it.
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