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    Ok, got the insoles (Bauer Speedplates) baked today and ready for tonight's game. It was a big plus! I felt more stable and despite these plastic sheets feeling so stiff out of the package, they felt great in my skates after the bake and I had zero pain or discomfort, even now as I write this an hour after my game. It was well worth the purchase.
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    I treat gear info from Instagram folks like tabloids. Superficial, and for entertainment only.
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    I follow him. I don't really pay attention to posts or comments though. I only use IG to pass time scrolling through pictures.
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    I would keep the CCM as your warm up stick. I always use my older sticks for warm ups to help extend the life of my newer sticks.
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    Picked myself up a pair of Bauer 2s pads (labelled 1s) through sideline swap. Originally seen them this summer on Kijiji being sold by a goalie school in Nova Scotia who only used them for one week. I had picked up a set of Vapor 1x pads the week before so I passed on them. I ended up selling the Vapors 2 weeks back and getting these finally as the price was way too good to pass up. Once I got them, I cleaned all the marks off them and they look almost new. I posted a before and after shots of them. Now I just need to find some long boot straps and short crs straps as these came with long crs straps and short boot straps. The one thing I find different with the newer material used in the 2s pads is how much more they slide vs the original material on the Vapor 1x.
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    Both companies are great! I have dealt with both companies in the past. Kenesky will do a little more custom work without upcharge. I had pads and blocker made by Kenesky. Both items had custom designs on at no extra charge. (This was back in Feb 17) I also had special mods done to the pads and blocker and he will do them at no extra charge. Passau will do custom work too for an upcharge on designs. You can have certain mods done to pads, glove, and blocker but are limited to Passau design factors. Passau equipment is very good. So is Kenesky too. If you want total customization to equipment mods Kenesky will do them. I had Passau make a pair of pads back in July 12 and had them make mid knee break and straight curve thigh rise to mimic my old Niemi spec Sherwood pads. After they did this mod, Passau made it one of the pad options.
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    Since Kenesky is closer to you, and they offer more glove options (Passau only has 2 break options), they may be the way to go. Either company I'm sure will work to give you what you want. I just bought a lightly used @WGD glove which I believe is a Sher-Wood T100 design and it's very good quality and feels light and protective. I also have a Passau chest protector and the same can be said for it!
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    I would go with Passau myself, but I haven’t heard anything bad about Kenesky. It seems like they have more modern offerings. I’m sure that Kenesky can do anything you want, but it seems like it’s more “standard” with Passau. let us know what you get!
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    Got bored this am and redid the pocket. Was going to float it but it’s been a long time since I have done this and it took me about three times just to get it done the normal way.
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    Weather prevented me from picking it up in time for my game last night, but I do have it now. Will post a new thread after I get to use it a bit.
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    Photographer went silly on me this game. Took quite a few pictures.
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    Ryan Miller, specifically Bishop Designs, killing it with this Star Wars themed mask. Normally not much of a fan of Miller's designs by Bishop, but this one is great!
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    Shane Owen of the Fife Flyers (EIHL - UK) with a nice set of V8's:
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