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    A bit of pad wrap for Winterfest. Same stick as last year (Sherwood GS350 SE, and it's garbage) with some vinyl decals, and also the mask I painted myself (poorly) with some vinyl as well.
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    Good lord. I used to get a $20 in a card from my grandparents. I was lucky to see $300 worth of stuff from my entire family combined!
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    Yeah, I continue to be very happy with my jock. For reasons stated above, I’m not commenting on their business practices, but this is an excellent product.
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    Sure, but again... the main function of a mask is safety. So I think we limit comments to masks being “great” until we’ve used them on ice a few times. @Hockey1234 - To be clear, not trying to pick on you or anything. Your additional comments are great, thanks for adding them. I would just like us all to be as discerning as possible when judging masks. I hope everyone can get on the same page about that. I hope you enjoy the new bucket and continue to update us!
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    To be fair, Hockey1234 said it was the best mask he'd ever owned, not the best in absolute terms
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    I've got an eFlex3 glove and blocker. Really like both. Glove is a 600 break, but still has a bit more of a traditional fee, at least to my hand. Have a pro palm, and it took a while to break in well. Every e3 I've put on in store has been really stiff, so be prepared to give it some good work to fully break in. Only thing I don't like is I do get some good stingers. I think this might be due to lacing in the palm since its going directly from the palm face into the glove amd touching my hand. I think if a puck hits the lacing, it can still transmit a lot of force through the glove, regardless of protection. Sometimes i take a clapper off the palm and feel nothing. Other times, I'm black and blue after the game. Surprising since it's a pro palm. I suspect that maybe there is some varience in quality on the production line? I can't imagine any pro's would be playing with this glove if this was a universal flaw.
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    Good point, one of CCMs biggest selling points consistency set to set and over the life of the gear
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    Awfully blurry, sorry for the lack of quality in these photos, but it’s the first time seeing myself in my new CCM Premier’s, so here you go!
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