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    Mike McKenna. One word. WOW!
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    @cwarnar Ditto on that, pulled the trigger. Suspenders have always been an aggravating item for me. First gear purchase of 2019. So it begins...
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    They're on sale! I just ordered a set. I use to have a set of Browns but found them difficult to adjust. I'm currently using cheapo CCM's but for $15 how can you go wrong?
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    Just used my new to me Vapor 1x skates in a noon drop in today and let me say I am all in on this whole cowling-less thing. I honestly kind of thought of it as a gimmick when they first came out but my god do they feel so much better to skate on than anything else I've used. They were noticeably lighter and I felt like I could move around both standing and in the butterfly much easier. That's even being in skates that are a half size too big for me as I couldn't pass up the deal on these and just wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I did take a decent shot off the toe cap on a stretching save and I definitely did feel it more than I would've but it didn't hurt. I'll probably roll with these for a while as they weren't grossly too big but I think I'll go in and get a custom pair of Bauer skates within the next year.
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    Interesting video I came across on youtube. Never seen it before. Funny to listen to Glenn Healy back then vs. now. A lot of parallels to the discussions happening today. Granted, back then I can see why.
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    The Duluth ones I got are the standard length, I didn't go tall. Am 6'1 265 and wear a xxl Brown 2300. I wear them over top and there is still lots of adjustment in them.
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    Interviews with Brodeur, Biron, Bernier, and Vallequette. Each one is about 20 mins long.
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    Maybe Vaughn has some particular rules about customizing. If you notice on their website, the PVE doesn’t exist as a product.
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    Not to mention the lockout in 2020-2021.
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    He doesn't want to leave New York as that might hurt his modeling/acting profile.
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    @coopaloop1234 You need to consult with the #SolidColoredPadsCrew before buying this. You are one of the few people without guaranteed admittance
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