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    So this is such a minor thing - and a common thing as well, but it drives me effing nuts! But then that's me - big things won't phase me, but if my wife doesn't load the dishwasher "properly," then I SNAP! I LOSE IT! (does that "The Champ" reference resonate with any of the older guys...?) Anyway, a HUGE pet peeve of mine - setting pads up with the OUTER rolls on the INSIDE. When sellers (online especially, but I've even seen it in stores - my local Canadian Tire, for example) do this, so many thoughts race through my mind. for example: "Huh - if they don't care to set them up properly, did they take care of them the rest of the time?" "Screw you, I ain't buying your pads on principle (not because I don't need pads, and would probably get a free divorce with purchase)." "Hmmm - if they don't even know which way the pads go, maybe they don't know the value of what they have, and I can get it for really cheap..." I can't be the only one irked by this. Or am I...?
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    pro stock hockey has done this too
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    I picked these VE8's up. I couldn't resist a set from my alma mater
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    Welp, I took the plunge. First ever custom set. All camel with Navy Binding and Red trim. 590 glove +1 straight tee w/ red skate lace, binded blocker w/ suregrip, 34+2 pads with fixed below knee and 2 calf straps. Gonna have to source some leather straps as I don't like the Qk5 material. Beyond exited to finally have a set in my specs and the very long anxious wait begins!
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    Velocity 8 custom chest/arm, NHL specification. Aviator blue with red logos. And before anyone asks, I do not show my face on the internet hence the mask.
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    Hating pads like this is pretty much par for the course when it comes to goalieism(lol). Consider yourself a grizzled vet now!
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    May 20th is a holiday, so release on 21st makes sense. For what you were probably actually commenting on, I've seen "nd" instead of "st" for dates quite commonly as a French-English translation typo
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    Only when online, under an assumed persona that plays goalie
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    As I continue to count the days until I can start of the process of placing my custom order... I've been looking a lot of combinations of specs out there on the 2X. Perusing Sideline Swap I saw Ivan Prosetov's 2X set is up for sale and the thickness "Insert Profile" of the shin caught my eye as pretty thick... so my intention was to dissect the rest of specs... but honestly... does anyone see anything about this entire setup that isn't just 2S skinned as 2X??? (https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/goalie-full-sets/816620-bauer-2x-xl-goalie-set-two-gloves)
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    Yes quite back on track... When I play the puck I imagine it is a live grenade covered in an eggshell, full of angry bees. Is this the correct approach? I have some price curves, which would be a wedge in warrior. The wedge has actually enabled me to sometimes clear the puck competently, when I am not shooting it directly to at my D legs/chest. I checked out a Ritual V1 yesterday, since I still live in the dark ages of stick technology most of the time. The twist was a bit wicked, but I may want to try it out, looks like it would make clearing real easy even for someone like me.
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    I will have to look for this picture, but there was a former career minor leaguer who made masks for himself and others posted (screen name Neums30 on GSBB and the vintage mask forum) a pic of a friend of his who thought the concept of a team picture OUTDOORS in full uniform was so ridiculous that he put his pads on with the outer roll on the inside! I wish I could find that picture. I almost had a set of pads made with outer rolls on the inside to be silly! I think the world would have ended if I had done that!
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    I had the Bruins-Canes game on last night, and noticed the same thing. I actually thought to myself "huh - I bet @seagoal will appreciate this!" I hadn't really watched Mrazek play before, but I was pretty impressed with the flare in his butterfly. I can't ignore the white tape faux pas in this sick black-base set up though. Tsk, tsk, Petr!
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    Mrazek and Rask are both in Vaughn gloves, pads, and chesties, both with Warrior sticks, and both with a Pro's Choice lid with the thick center bar. Pretty neat to see them battle it out this round. CCM heavy in the West.
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    Just fine. Have them on those and the Brians. Secretly had a prototype for a while
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    I'm the same way as Jones. Ditched my neck guard after minor hockey and haven't gone back. Tried danglers and hate them too. I have added a Zoombang padded shirt for my collarbone... When I remember to put it in my bag!
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    No, but a different curve will make you attractive to the opposite or same sex and will compel you to have your drivers license picture retaken.
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    So @seagoal is close by to me. When are you coming out west to have some beers with us?
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    We can do that here as well my good man
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    I think YOU need new pads
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    @wox33 - Some gear is purchased and others is sent as a demo. Anything purchased via The Goalie Crease is usually pretty clearly spelled out, but it’s not the only source I have for buying things. As example, certain pieces of gear I’ve been able to purchase at cost and been asked not to mention which piece gear or the source. I respect people’s wishes when they’re doing me a favor. Please realize, no one “pays” me to do demos. I make $0 doing this. There are other outlets out there that actually do charge the hockey companies to get their gear tested and featured on their stuff. It’s one of those things like player endorsements that will never be crystal clear. Any gear that is sent to me is sent with the understanding that I point out the good and bad. I also spend a lot of time talking with reps about gear to try and learn as much as I can about gear to help people. Everyone gets gear is expensive and no one wants you to buy the wrong thing. The relationships I’ve built with the companies is also hopefully deeper than product placement. Your AS1 skate questions would be an example of the level support I’m about to get. My CCM contact got back to me within 24 hours-ish. I’m trying to build relationships and use this website to help as many people as possible. As a rule of thumb, I try to focus more on the positives than the negatives because most of the gear I’m testing is top notch. I want people to focus on the best reasons to buy a product. However, I don’t shy away from the negative though. I also won’t post a negative thing unless I physically experienced it myself. So, unless my pads rip... I’m not going to say “these pads have durability issues” because they didn’t for me. I have no idea what happened to a set pads prior to the image being posted on IG of the pucks going through a pad. Just because it happened at the NHL level doesn’t mean it applies to us commoners. I did point out that both Brians and CCM wore out in exactly the same spot. As I’m not selling gear, I have no horse in the race. I don’t care what you buy or what sells best. That might sound small, but it also helps with the neutrality. As long my negative comments are constructive and not a dramatic click bait “this thing is a dumpster fire”, I’d anticipate getting more opportunities to test new stuff. Most companies are pretty realistic about their strengths and weaknesses are not too uptight about it. Also, if 2 companies send me demo pads, it’s basically a level playing field. You're obviously entitled to your opinion, so if you feel any demo gear I didn’t buy is tainted, that’s fine. However, I don’t see it that way and do my best to stay neutral. There are a couple products, like Pro Laces, I have done some design consulting for. I will mention that in the review and it should be obvious. With both of the companies I’m helping with designs for, i actually approached them because I liked their products so much but felt there was room for improvement. One last thought is that demo gear has me trying stuff I never would have tried. It exposed me to stuff outside my comfort zone and forces me to get on the ice and try it. Without these experiences, I would have slept on some really great products.
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    New set arrived today. Thanks to Jay at the Goalie Crease for all the help! G-Netik 4 34+1.5 with a few mods: Anchor T +1" pocket Pro Palm extra Break in No outer break on outside roll Pre curved tops X-Still knee block
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    So this happened last night... glovex3-30secimgur.mp4
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