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    Been wanting to get this done for a few years now. Finally got going on it. 50% done. 5hrs down, another 5hrs to go! Shout out to Fernann Ink!!
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    I got these few days ago. Tried them yesterday and now ready for next season.
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    Bunnyman, welcome to my world. I have come from 40 years of stand-up to my version of hybrid. You guys have seen my current gear, nearly 10 year old leather Battram gloves and pads that allow for some rotation, about as much as my highly modified body can handle. I am 70 this year, been a goaltender my entire life and still play with the young guys, young being a relative term (age 55+). I did your move in reverse, adapting my game to incorporate some butterfly over the past 20 years. Being 5' 7" it doesn't make a great deal of sense to go down on every shot directed towards the net plus many of you will find that age does have an adverse affect on a game based upon a steady flow of up and down moves (Breaking News!!!!!). I suspect that 30+ seasons of butterfly will lead to some nasty hip, back and knee issues so that many advocates are going to have trouble playing into their later years without making adaptations to their game. Have fun. Be mindful of your body. Keep your stick on the ice.
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    Looks like a Tuxedo blazer with gold stripe on the lapels. Like something Clooney would wear.
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    Great onya!!!! I am actually healthier than I was two years back.
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    OK guys, once again, we are not "short", we are Goalies Of Diminutive Stature" aka GODS!
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    Nice work. My only concern would be if the cord broke or frayed you would have to replace the whole piece of it stitched in. Have you tried using a washer to keep the knot from slipping thru and then melting the knot with a lighter?
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    Maybe not the Hollies, but ELP had that song about you: "He had white goal pads And skaters tryin to score All fixed with jenpro And waitin to shut the door ooooooh, what a Bunnyman he was ooooooh, what a Bunnyman he was" That's how that one went, right...?
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    More stuff from the bunnyman archives. I gave away the H6 Brodeurs to the kid who mowed my grass for nearly two months without asking for a dime. Passmore is still in my possession and will live in my gear hall of fame. The Vorteks are my first pads and how I started honing my chops on gear modification. I am going to make them into a pair of 100% stand up pads. None of these items will become a wallet or shower bag.
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    T-shirts that I have done with custom designs:
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    Sacrilege or not...That looks sooooooooooo sharp.
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    Yes, those are valuable traits that show promise. I'd still like to hear a rant from him. I suggest the topic be why the price of both prune juice and Depends cannot go up at the same time. Bonus point will be given of use for the following phrases or references: in my day when we were kids depth of snow walked in cost of bread kids on his yard value of elastic waisted jogging pants technology irregularity people are starving in (insert foreign country)
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