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    I thought this would be a cool project to do. Think it came out nice. Stick is a Warrior SR2. It will be a felony if i don’t use black tape on this lol
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    More Passau love, my new mitts have arrived. Boy this company is on the ball.
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    Yes- the stick is VERY MUCH the MOST important part of saving the goal. My stick is very active. So many times at the S&P I play in, the poke cheque ruins these kids chances who try the fifty deke moves penalty shots. Even the cocky little brats who got a few in on me will try the cutesy moves end up with the puck in the corner, or hitting them in the shins (especially if they are dumb enough to play S&P in their shorts, hoodie, helmet and gloves). Many don’t know how to react to a poke cheque. I have found when I am already down that the stick can pick off a pass from the corner. What good is having a stick if you don’t use it? If I ever get around to building my stick, the shaft will get an additional layer of kevlar tape. Why? ‘cos my stick shaft makes a few saves.
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    Holy crap - no wonder I couldn't find any drywall screws at Home Depot last time I went! What happened there? Quick kick after the wife/girlfriend spotted you looking the wrong way?
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    First chance I get, I am 100% going to watch that whole video. Best intro ever lol. Been enjoying this thread. At 37, I am realizing that I have only a few years left playing my current style of game which relies on every ounce of flexibility I have left to execute a mostly-butterfly/blocking style, despite being 5’8”ish. Since joining this site I’ve been a big fan of @Fullright‘s playing style and have been experimenting here and there at pickup sessions with some of the most “traditional” stand up saves with an eye toward adapting for the future. Although I’m always keeping an eye on eBay for a “new old stock” set of old school pads that would fit me, eventually thinking I would commission a set of stand-up style pads from Kenesky or similar builder who can do something with modern materials.
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    Also found a couple of old sticks. I bought the Titan right from the factory when my team went to Finland for a tournament in 1986. Took a tour of the factory, was very cool. The CCM was my dad's from the 60's or 70's. It was bought at Tuxedo Sports here in Calgary. The sides of the paddle are held on by nails. And you can see on the back of the blade where toes of the skates were used to kick the puck to deflect it to the corners. I'd thought about refurbing it, but I like the original condition.
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    Better late than never.
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    7 weeks and 5 days after ordering, my RGT2 / RG4 set has arrived (RGT2 Gloves, RG4 Gloves)!!! Super happy with how they turned out, only thing would be how white on jenpro and weave is a bit off, but I suppose that makes sense (that they'd have different tones as they're different materials, not sure if anyone knows anything about this). Will also be putting on TGN Spec Pro Laces on there instead of ARS or lace toe ties.
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