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    In December of 1989, the Junior Team I was playing for played against a Touring Junior team from Czechoslovakia. After the game, I traded my Hextall Vic stick with their goalie. 30 years later, I still have the stick.
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    ๐Ÿ˜€ Here is the blocker i wore with the reactors. I like the yellow on the blocker. The cuff was already cut when I got it. All this equipment still has lots of life left ... but we evolve into different equipment I guess.
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    my Reactor 5's. Probably my favourites
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    I only got the pads, so I will use mine tonight in my game. They came in looking fantastic, and I'm very excited to use them. The super soft boot break is something I really like, combined with the stiffness of the thigh portion of the pad. I got them with the Loose Fit leg channel and, from messing around with the strapping at home, it was definitely the right choice for me. And they seal perfectly (on my living room floor ๐Ÿ˜ƒ).
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    Pretty awesome looking PVE 2 set here
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    This goalie camp is this week. I'm pretty excited. Looks like there are 19 goalies signed up, roughly 10 of them are kids in local youth hockey programs. We'll be split into smaller groups and sectioned off on the ice, I'm assuming at 4 stations. I'll have some reports back once it starts, for sure. Schedule is Thursday - Saturday: -Ice time at 9:30 -Dryland time at 10:45 -Catered lunch at noon -Ice time at 1:00 -Dryland time at 2:00
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    Since you're talking Brian's, are you going for a full custom design? If not then the process will be like this (more or less). - Bring in a completed customizer sheet or do one on site - Pay a deposit. My Warrior pads were a $600 deposit and the rest due on pickup. - I'm sure there is some wiggle room with different manufacturers and suppliers. THS saves you the tax (15% off) when buying a complete set. Though, some manufactures are very inflexible on their pricing. I know Vaughn is one, I'm assuming Brian's is too. Especially being Canadian made, they have smaller margins to negotiate with.
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    It's Its cool how you guys know the insides and outs this kind of stuff. The equipment talk is the best here.
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    Oh ok, sometimes I completely miss jokes in English language . Just for your information, I'm a very fast goalkeeper, hardly any puck hits me .
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    Yeah, the words VAUGHN or lacing would look good in red.
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    The builders must have been looking in a mirror.
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    Dude, seriously, no one cares. Please quit spamming.
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    Just a stick and puck, and there were a whole five people there. That was fine with me. Aerobically, I am not quite ready for a game, though would be fine as the Third or Fourth goalie at a drop in. Highlights: once I got the reps in, I was stopping everything. My Lemelin Atlanta Flames kit was on point! Glove hand was unusually good once the reps got going. Lowlights: fatigue set in early in the going; penalty shots and set play drills will fatigue the hell out of you. Did not drill with two blockers, as it was better to just play with a conventional set up for the first time back. Need to get the aerobic training back up a few notches, though it was only three weeks back on the bike, as I was restricted from the bike. Note to those of you under 40: aerobic conditioning is fleeting if you donโ€™t keep it up after a certain age; it is important to not let it lapse the older you get! Use it or lose it!
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