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    You fellas are genuinely tough dudes. I thought I was pretty resilient with a knee and two shoulders but if either of my hips fade, I'm done forever. Persevering through a hip which is so integral to the job, not to mention like @BadAngle41 says, every day life, is awesome. Hats off, gentlemen, and best regards
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    I've had the Passau 60 degree trapper since the model came out. About a month or so ago, the glove's double T began to collapse on itself and some skate cuts on the outside below the fingers began to get worse. I wrote Timmy and he responded quickly and worked out the arrangements with David at the shop. David did a great job of fixing the cuts with a new layer of material (same color too even though I said use whatever was available) and indulged my request for a skate laced floating double T. Further, David probably stayed in the shop an extra day or two during the Company's summer break and entirely redid the cords holding the glove together. They did a great job turning the glove around in about 2 weeks at a relatively modest price of $110 US. Pretty amazing service. Btw, the glove was awesome to start but I am pretty sure I could catch a water melon with it now. Never used a floating T before; I sure do really like the floating double T. Pretty sick.
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    Привет всем. Я уже оставил краткий обзор моего защитника груди Bauer S170 на этом форуме. Как и любое оборудование начального уровня, оно имеет два основных недостатка. Слабая защита краевого края и очень низкое качество материала. Однажды пришло время, когда я начал чувствовать все больше и больше болезненных уколов. Как потом выяснилось, внутренняя структура рухнула. Я играю в хоккей три раза в неделю в течение всего года и долгое время не имела возможности починить свой блок. Поэтому я просто пришил к нему дополнительную защиту груди и живота от старых игровых штанов и защиту ребер от моего протектора Reebok 6k. Я назвал это Evolution 1) Получился настоящий танк. Моя версия русская Spec)) Very sheltered, but voluminous and hot. Also quite heavy. The total weight was approximately 2.7 kilograms. I used this Evolution 1 for about six months and it proved to be very reliable. At the end of June, I was injured and, along with treatment, I had time for a more serious rebuilding of my defender. I will talk about Evolution 2 in the next post. Pictures
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    I don't speak too much russian, I just live in Kazakhstan as a diplomat and have learned a bit. All I told him was "good job".
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    Ok so after being informed that there will be no new additions to our current division in our current league, which prompted several conversations with representatives from both Midnight Hockey League(MHL) and Superior Hockey League(SHL) regarding scheduling options, we decided to make the jump to the SHL. We are going to be slotted into the lower of the two divisions(C) with crossover games against some teams in the upper division(B) to see how we do. We were able to get all 5 of our currently scheduled games(last 5 have yet to be released) to be Sunday nights with the latest one being at 9:50pm which we are all thrilled with. We have 2 games with 2 of the better teams in our division, 2 with teams from the B division, and 1 crossover game with a team from the MHL division we were contemplating joining. That was actually a request I had made to both leagues as we will be playing the team we lost against 1-0 in our championship game a few seasons ago. We're all really excited to get on the ice, first game is this coming Sunday night 9/8. Unfortunately there is 0 social media coverage in this league so there will be no more pictures for me to share in the Action Picture Thread. I know Coop is going to be so upset about that.
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    Clicked link. Was spoked. Poped pants.
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    I can't wait for Halloween this year. It's gonna be so spoky
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    Really? I assumed “spooky” was intended, given the ghostbusters theme throughout the paint job, and that “spoky” was a typo. But then I’m old enough to remember when spelling correctly was still important (and old enough to preclude any chance of being able to keep up with all the meme things). Had a search for “spoky”, and while it’s there on the inter webs, it’s pretty deeply buried. Seems an odd choice when “spooky” would have resonated with more people.
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    I'm an avid DaveArt hater. This isn't bad at all.
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    That's an awesome story. Thank you for sharing. Love that these connections can be made thanks to websites like this. It truly is a wonderful thing.
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    @FIFTY-SIX While I'm younger than you at 40... my hips have seen significantly more wear than my age would suggest. No replacement or resurfacing for me yet... but i did have FAI done for combined impingement... and while in there he pretty much removed whatever cartilage/labrum that was torn up and flapping around in there due to fragments of bone spurs that were grinding away inside there whenever I moved. Post surgery he said the cartilage/labrum wear was worse than he had anticipated and that I was about 6 months of continued wear away from replacement. So good thing I had it done when I did... but replacement for both hips is a matter of time. That said, I was back on the ice 6 months after surgery. Fast forward to today (~15 months after surgery) and it's still in progress... still get the rusty door grinding feeling... and like @Gregory Lee mentioned I am really having to work hard to get muscles which had been compensated for to fire properly and strengthen them. Its a constant battle between getting stronger... and getting a broader range of motion back. The surgery gave me an excuse to get back in the gym and focus on core/mobility which while helping my play on the ice... is really just better for everyday life. At the end of the day I really did it because my kids are still really young and I wanted to be able to actually play with them. If I had to give up hockey so be it... luckily the latter hasn't happened yet... and I'm hoping I can have the same results as @Wonder35 shared. Good luck with whatever path you end up going down... keep us posted.
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    Having completely disassembled the defender, I found that inside he was completely destroyed. Then I used the air mesh fabric for the inner lining, made 3 cm thick protective blocks from Itech HD pads and the new LD foam and sewed it all together. I glued foam 4mm and 8mm on the floats of the shoulders. Made the new rib protection thicker and larger. And ended up as a new defender of the abdomen like that of Vaughn. Thanks to the use of foam instead of plastic, the weight of the entire unit is 2.4 kg, which is very good for such a serious level of protection. Today I had the first ice with a new unit and it is excellent. Lightweight, mobile, cool and super secure. I am pleased with the work done.
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    Raanta's new Optik 2, Burke inspired retro set:
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    Nope cell phones have destroyed any hope at gooder english hear two
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    @seagoal when do you get to see the top notch human being again? I hope you can at least get a blocker punch to his throat the next time you meet him. I would not go for a shot to the ghoulies, as he sounds like a man devoid of testicles.
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