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    Quicks new mask. I actually really like this a lot
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    Now what if I were to tell you it's actually a 12 minute first period, and the clock doesn't stop after the first 2 minutes so the longer it takes to get set to play, the shorter your first period is? Haha. Other than that quirk the league is pretty good at least.
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    Good on Kinkaid for making the mask tie into the city. Some may argue the team is under construction as well despite ending up with 96 points last year... but we'll leave that to disgruntled Habs fans.
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    Tony Yeah really - he looks like a porn star from the 70’s LOL
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    Aww, really? I loved it. It's a fun song, I mean, it makes a packed hockey arena seem like a giant drag show at a gay bar.
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    Looks like he could catch a basketball in that glove
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    Our pal Josh Robinson, formerly ECHL goalie of the year, reached out to the Blues EQM. This is a sleeve the Blues EQM adds to help Hutton get his skates as tight as physically possible. He used to use tape and this mod alleviates the need for the tape.
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