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    I’ve been using the G3 pads for quite a while now and I really like them however there has been something that has bothered me about them since I first saw them. They have the break below the knee but in order for them to flex there the inner calf wrap must ride up and over the knee stack. They do this nicely when you aren’t wearing the pads and you flex them by hand but when I’m wearing them the top of the inner calf wrap ends up hitting the side of the knee stack, as your knee prevents the inner calf wrap from going on top of the knee stack, so as a result the pads don’t flex at the break below the knee when in use. I could see the the top edge of the inner calf wrap was bending due to repeated contact with the side of the knee stack so I decide to cut this area off. Before taking the scissors to my pads I went to the LHS and looked at all the other brands of pads that have a break below the knee and they all have the inner calf wrap shaped so that when the pad flexes it doesn’t interfere and hit the knee stack. So I cut the area on the top of the inner calf wrap away and now the pads flex there nicely. I’ve used them several times now and they work great. I no longer need to use the Velcro tab to flex the break above the knee now that the pads are flexing at the break below the knee.
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    Theoretically, the professor strap is secure enough that you shouldn't need any other straps, so it's just continuing the trend. About the only other strap you would need is an outer calf wrap strap to keep it from flapping around. Your tone is kind of condescending. I appreciate being able to dress quicker and not carry the weight of 5 pieces of leather when two pieces of nylon will do the trick just fine.
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    I ordered this set in September. They should be here around Christmas. I’ll post pictures when they get here.
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    Anaheim Ducks John Gibson Pads: CCM Extreme Flex 4 Glove: CCM Extreme Flex 4 (Two-Piece) (Double Tee) Blocker: Extreme Flex 4 Stick: CCM Premier 2 Mask: Bauer 960XPM (DaveArt) (Kobe Bryant Tribute Mask) RIP Ryan Miller Pads: Vaughn V7 (?) ---> Vaughn PVE'19 Glove: Vaughn (?? 5500) (PVE'19 Graphic)(Black External Protective Layer) Blocker: Extreme Flex 4 (with Binding) Stick: CCM Premier 2 Mask: Warwick (Bishop Designs) Anthony Stolarz Pads: CCM Extreme Flex 4 Glove: CCM Extreme Flex 4 Blocker: CCM Extreme Flex 4 Stick: True A6.0 Mask: Bauer 960XPM (?) (AHL but too good not to post) (AHL but too good not to post) Kevin Boyle Pads: CCM Extreme Flex 4 Glove: CCM Extreme Flex 4 Blocker: CCM Extreme Flex 4 Stick: Bauer (2S?) Mask: CCM Pro (Sylabrush) (Home) **Hello! I wanted to create an archive of gear thread of all current NHL goalies (including minor league pre-season guys). I miss the old days of GSBB drooling over NHL gear setups and analyzing every piece of gear guys were wearing. Simple pics of guys in gear really got me into playing the position as well as getting obsessed with gear. I feel like most threads are pointing out new changes in gear or discussing what mods help in what way. I'm taking it back to classic set up pictures. **I would like to post every team in order and fill in goalies and pictures are I go. The season is still young and we will see more goalies, as well as more setups, throughout the year. I will do my best to edit and fill in where is needed as I go. Enjoy!
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    I was lucky enough to have one of our player's wife capture this on video - the commentary & the kid skating off like he was about to celly - you can see none of them expected a save out of that one. Learning from this - I did not push off quick enough to the other side and had to desperation stretch to glove save. Had a little fun with the video following. You'll also note that sometimes this team likes the "watch the goalie make saves" approach to playing hockey. 🤣🤣
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    Got it! Did it from my phone and worked for some reason. Thanks
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    Yeah, that is a good suggestion as well. If I am just practicing the move I can usually force myself to loosen early enough to help somewhat, but where I’m really struggling is in the heat of a game situation I seem to be unable to make it happen smoothly. But your point is well-taken - further practice could eliminate the problem.
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    It's amazing how little adjustments seem to make a difference. When I got my X900's I went to the Scrivens method (I don't the the first or last eyelet) for my skates... Helps with overall tightness and keeping my heel locked in:
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    I forgot to mention first time using a Sherwood BPM 120 stick, I picked it up on sale at pro hockey life for $100. A composite is a very different feel compared to my other sticks. It is much more lively and I had trouble reigning in rebounds but I do like the lightness. I also was listening to A Fran who trains 10 or so NHL goalies on the ingoal mag podcast saying how his goalies leave the top eyelet on their skates open to have a better mobility so I tried it in this game for the first time. I kind of like the feel but it will take a few more skates to get real comfortable with it.
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    Or, practically speaking, it keeps pads secure at the top of the calf to prevent them from sagging down towards the skates. A professor strap essentially counters a boot strap, allowing pads to fit taller/higher on your legs.
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    lol this thread seems like a bit of a metrology thread. I have also seen a few of these units (bauer and ccm) pop up in western GTA on Facebook market. @TheGoalNet can you also elaborate on the fit scheme here? i know that each chesty is tailored to each individual goalie but does the numbered fits mean something?
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    Okay. I'm confident that Nilsson, Kaskisuo, and Demko are in GentikIVs. Georgeiv likely is, but I'll need to check a couple of other pictures. I'm not totally certain of Sparks since his look really customized.
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    Great thread!!!!! Thanks for putting this on @AG37
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