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    Hey Everyone, Much of what has been said above is true. Here is our official statement on the NHL discussion. Warrior Goalie's ultimate goal is to build an unbreakable trust with goaltenders around the world. We want goalies to know that we are doing everything we can to create goalie equipment that pushes the boundaries of performance driven innovation. Innovation that helps goalies maximize their abilities in the net. It is as simple as that. This earned trust is achieved with a focus on quality control, warranties and guarantees that surpass industry standards, on time delivery, and personalized customer care.While the NHL is an exciting and traditional means of advertising products, we are proving that it is not essential to meeting our ultimate goal of building trust with goalies. While it is likely that we will someday choose to work with NHL goalies, we are currently working extensively with European pro goalies and North American minor league goalies. These pro goalies can continue to validate the performance, innovative features and durability of our gear under the most demanding conditions.As a goalie, the bottom line is to maximize your performance on the ice while finding value from the gear you choose. Ultimately, nothing else matters. You need to be able to trust that the tools you take out on the ice were created for you to play your best game.
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    A little off topic but to me it looks like he clips Rittich in the lid with his stick on the stuff - why isn't that high sticking? Seems there's a double standard on skaters versus goalies on stick contact. I'm not saying it needs to go down a rabbit hole like it has with players where dudes are diving on any stick to body contact (which I can't imagine you'd see much of since you need to keep battling to find pucks) or that incidental contact swinging at a loose puck in the air should be called necessarily but I've definitely seen egregious slashes on netminders called. I am in favor of calling anything that involves recklessly wielding ones stick (particularly if its in someone's grill). For that matter - even incidental contact to the head is called for players. In this instance (or if I'm seeing it wrong an instance similar to what I'm describing) - why wouldn't it be a minor for high sticking?
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    I had my partner bring my mask to my work and weighed it with the dangler lifted. I even got the number in Canadian for you in case you are up there Large T3
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    My only argument against it is that it brings the players stick up to head proximity. From that perspective, you could make the argument that it's unsafe in the same way high sticking is considered unsafe. The "travelling" analogy is a weak argument. In this case, he didn't take much more than a half stride. You can take a step with the ball in basketball without it being considered traveling. The goaltender's defense on this is easy. Go mask to post. If a player still tries this, then we're back to my original point above that it could be dangerous. With the current state of the NHL trying to increase scoring by reducing the size of goaltending equipment, what would be the reason (other than safety issues above) they would want to ban this. Right now this clip is going viral through multiple social media channels. Even non-hockey fans are re-posting this. These kind of ridiculous highlights get a lot of attention, something the NHL desperately wants. I just don't see a ban happening.
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    To be fair, there's a lot more "hockey" moves in general in a players wheel house. Goaltending is a very niche position.
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    Eh, this is the first time this goal as been accomplished at the NHL level. I'm fine with it. It's when it becomes common place is when we should start reevaluating whether or not it should be allowed. Just put it in the same category as the Spin-o-Rama goals in the shootout. Gimmicky as all hell and pretty unfair to the goalie, but overall not a big enough to deal to make a stink of it.
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    I am a full right and have the V1 pro and pure hockey had the V1 pro+ as well
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    https://gamebreaker.com/shop/ They sell sheets of D30 padding in three thicknesses
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    While I'm in the camp that doing this and making contact with the goalie's mask should be a high sticking penalty and not a goal, ultimately I think this will fall into the category of "let the kids play." It doesn't happen that often, this one is a pretty precise one that I'd even have a bit of trouble justifying as high sticking other than a "letter of the law" call, and I don't think it violates the spirit of the game. This is also probably one of the laziest RVH's I've seen in the NHL in a while. It's one thing for beer league goalies to rely on playing percentages, but Rittich needs to get back on his feet with Svech setting up with time and space. The higher percentage play on this is a pass out front which he won't be able to effectively drive out to from his knees. And if you REALLY want to use RVH here, then he shouldn't be slinking back so much into the net, he should be actively leaning and peeking around the post at the guy with the puck so he knows what's coming. In terms of the rule change, I would agree that the rule should be that you can't carry the puck on your stick in a manner that you can be standing still and the puck is sitting on your stick, off the ice. But ultimately I think this falls into the category of plays like what they introduced the coaches challenge for. It's not such a big problem that it necessitates a rule change (they got that wrong by introducing the challenge). I also don't like the play, for the record, but I see ways to prevent/defend it as a goalie and don't think a rule change is needed other than calling contact with the goalie's head.
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    I never, ever dreamt this would be how things turned out two years after starting this thread.
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    You sir are then my co-president of my lobbying group. Let us march! Ha.
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    i never liked it .. always looks and feels like cheating. i'd be for banning it.
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    Speaking of beauties: Who's this? I'm pretty sure it's Fuhr.
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    What I've found has helped the most is acquiring this thing called "talent". I really don't know what it is, but everyone keeps saying I need to obtain it. I've tried every store in the area and none seem to stock it. None of the big 3 have it either. I'm really stumped, but hey, it's what I've heard is necessary.
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    Kid’s first skate with the 2X Pros after 15 months with the 1S. Initial impressions: 1. Very lively rebounds. We opted with the stiff thigh flex on the 2X Pros — definitely stiffer than the 1S, but the 1S pads may have softened-up a lot over the past 15 months. 2. Given the thin profile of the 2X you’d think the pads would be lighter than the 1S, but in fact they’re more heavy by about 8 oz. 3. Glove is definitely game-ready. About the same as the current condition of the 1S, but the latter required 15 months of use, and a lot of baking, to reach that state. 4. Terrific controlled rebounds off the blocker, but much quieter than the ultra-loud 1S blocker.
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    It seems Warrior is doing fine without the NHL. They would not have introduced their sixth pro line if their products weren’t being bought by rec league goalies and other pro leagues. Even though Warrior is under the New Balance umbrella, they would not continually be putting money into new products if nobody bought them. The plug would have been pulled before Ritual 3 dropped if nobody were buying. I am certain they only pay licensing for the sticks. I will say that had Pete Smith not come along, there would not be Warrior goalie today. The original Warrior goalie gear was pretty bad, okay- HORRENDOUS!!!! The Messiah trapper was the worst ever. Had Pete Smith not come to the rescue, the only goalie gear Warrior would make would be sticks. The person who proposed buying out Pete Smith should be given a promotion and sizable bonus. Whilst advertising in the show certainly drives in sales, it isn’t everything. And I have a funny feeling there could be stealth Warrior product in some places. But remember this: there is plenty of Warrior gear in the show, and the stick could be the biggest bang for the buck in advertising, as the sizes of logos are biggest on the sticks. @CJ Boiss said it well: frugal parents buying quality gear at a lower price point will make this a popular brand for years to come. Last year’s internals in the same, pro quality outer material makes Warrior’s Senior level gear a no brainer to buy for a goalie on a budget. I was impressed by how quickly my green Pooper blocker made via Warrior got into my furry paws.
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    If it weren’t for Pete Smith, Warrior goalie would not be what it is today.
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    Everything else < Warrior GT < Warrior GT2 💪 They really nailed the latest version. If you like a Warrior "trap" and use it some time it is very hard or impossible to change a brand.
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    I'm unfamiliar with the sliders, can they be removed?
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    The worst part is that this is not the first Cujo lid copped by a modern Blues goalie, but the SECOND Cujo lid copped by a Blues goalie. Fuhr had equally iconic lids with the Blues. If the rules were that you HAD to cop a 90’s Blues goalie, I’d put a spin on it. The problem is that the composition of the modern paint job is utter crap. Technically, helmet paint jobs are executed better than ever before. Now there are WAY too many hidden details, trying to tell a life’s story on a curved piece of composite. The goalie mask paint schemes were really neat in the era when such designs like Hayward’s Shark painted by @Don Straus were the order of the day, then things got crazier, then frankly weird in the last few years. The worst part is that nothing is original or new under the sun. It’s just like modern symphonic music is very difficult to listen to, and most modern fine art is optically difficult. Now it is either you have to be WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY out there, or redo the classics; there is NOTHING in between. It also seems that every new movie is a reboot with new, politically correct details added to make certain that it corrects the sins of the past incarnation. Yuck. To me, it’s all lazy and uninspired. Binner could have a garbage bin as the design of his mask; it would be MUCH better than the rewarmed classic Cujo mask that comes across as lazy and uninspired.
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    Sportmasks and Protechsports are the way to go on a lower budget.
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    I got 3/16 shock cord via Amazon from a place called paracord planet. Going to make some HAL straps for my brother. The cord seems stiffer than my hals and his monster suspenders, but we both have been using them for over a year.
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