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    Kid’s first skate with the 2X Pros after 15 months with the 1S. Initial impressions: 1. Very lively rebounds. We opted with the stiff thigh flex on the 2X Pros — definitely stiffer than the 1S, but the 1S pads may have softened-up a lot over the past 15 months. 2. Given the thin profile of the 2X you’d think the pads would be lighter than the 1S, but in fact they’re more heavy by about 8 oz. 3. Glove is definitely game-ready. About the same as the current condition of the 1S, but the latter required 15 months of use, and a lot of baking, to reach that state. 4. Terrific controlled rebounds off the blocker, but much quieter than the ultra-loud 1S blocker.
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    We've had a video forum for a long time. Several people post to it.
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    If weight is a factor for you then do what I do with my sticks. Use a heavier foam core for warm ups and keep the composites for the game. I know last night in text you said you don't like to change like that before a game but think of it as a batter using a donut on their bats in the on deck circle. If you can get one or two Warrior Swagger foam cores(which are on a really good sale price right now on GM) with the same curve that you get in your composite stick it will be basically the same exact stick but heavier. There isn't much of a transition. It will make your composite game stick feel that much lighter.
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    I’d offer input but the V1Pro+ is my first composite stick (used form cores before) and first custom pro order as well so can’t speak to anything other than their super light and I think my pack will last me a long while
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    If I was Domingue I'd have just told the equipment manager not to bother with the pad wrap 😂
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    I've heard a rumor that Lefebvre has already signed with another partner. Not sure if I can share what manufacturer, but think skates
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    How about M&M Worrior False ... 😄
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    My 24k cage got shelled and goalieparts hit me up at the ccm chicago tournament I went with white this time. It was also turning green.
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    Adding to the new mask announcements got my OTNY Combo from goalieparts.com and I’m super happy with it. The sides need a bit more padding so Dan from GP is sending some. Back to front fit is perfect and the shell feels way stronger than my other masks (Bauer NME 4 didn’t know it was so unsafe, Sportsmask Mage RS I got used). This site likely saved me from a bad day with all the mask info so thanks to all of you!
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